Speak Out About Prop 8 Harrasment to Have Donor Names Removed From Black-List Sites

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I received this email from The National Organization for Marriage, which has been one of the major legal defense teams for Prop 8 from the beginning. They are currently pursuing a lawsuit to have the names, addresses, vocations, etc. of further Prop 8 donors barred from the "Black-List" sites that are currently promoting their abuse. If you have experienced vandalism, harassment, intimidation, etc. because of your support for Prop 8, please report it to NOM to help build the case to take the donor records down from these hate-sites.

Dear -------,

Many of you have experienced harassment or intimidation for your support of NOM California and Proposition 8. As you may know, we have filed a lawsuit with ProtectMarriage.com to exempt our Committee from further reporting of donors' identities.

We were not successful in getting a preliminary injunction, which is difficult to get. But the Judge's Order indicated that he needed more evidence of reprisals against our donors. We need your help to win this suit!

We need more donors to sign declarations giving evidence of harassment and intimidation, and are asking you to come forward and help us by giving those declarations. Even removal of yard signs or intimidating e-mails are enough to warrant a formal declaration. I know from my e-mail box that many of you have received threatening e-mails. Will you take a stand and file a declaration? There were thousands of donors, we need as many declarants as possible.

The Judge did enter an Order protecting the identities of all declarants. Therefore, if you file a declaration, your identity will be protected.
If you have evidence and want to help us win this lawsuit, please contact Sarah Troupis at the Law Offices of Bopp, Coleson, and Bostrom at 812-232-2434 or stroupis@bopplaw.com.


Anonymous said...

I hope people come forth and submit declarations. There were probably more incidents of harassment then people who are willing to report it. I thought it was genius of my sister when they were putting up Prop 8 signs that kept getting stolen, they would grease them down with cooking spray, so people couldn't grab them in a hurry, and if they got them, then their hands would be all black and greasy! Serves them right :) They even called the police on this one lady who kept stealing signs in a private neighborhood. They found dozens of Yes on 8 signs in her side yard that she had stolen. The officer made her give them all back. How is it that the court seems to think that this kind of stuff is ok? And they think that no one will continued to be harassed...

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