Hope for Change: Getting Obama Out

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Conservatives need to get their act together if they want to say
goodbye to Obama in 2012.

In following this Republican primary it's easy to get the idea that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich don't really know what their doing.  How else do you explain the fact that they weren't even on the ballot in several counties in Alabama and Michigan, and the whole state of Virginia.  What kind of campaign can't figure out how to qualify to be included on the ballot?!!

And what kind of candidate celebrates a "huge" victory on a night that they slip behind in the delegate race?  That's right on Tues March 13th, while Santorum was lauding his paper-thin victories in Alabama and Mississippi, Romney quietly picked up 41 delegates with his wins in Hawaii and American Samoa beating out Santorum's highly-publicized 35 delegate win.

Santorum simply is not paying attention; he is too focused on winning a handful of states favorable to him and does not realize that all the time Romney has charted his way around to secure the nomination.  Look on any delegate chart and notice something: every single state Santorum won has also awarded delegates to Romney, often almost as much as to Santorum.  Now look at Romney's column.  He has won each and every winner-take-all state, giving him a 219 delegate lead from these states alone.  And, he is poised to win the remaining winner-take-all states as well including California's whopping 172 delegates. 

If nothing else, it should be clear that Romeny has done his homework over the last several years while Santorum and Gingrich have been flying by the seat of their pants.  Romney has thought of everything: plotting multiple scenarios, secured funding, recruited local support, used media power as necessary, and consulted with all the experts he needs to ensure that he wins this primary and then the general.  Why do you think he has become the so-called "institutional favorite?" 

The Republican Party does not care so much who wins as long as it is from their party.  You think they care at all for Romney's ideas and policies?  If so, you have gotten caught up in the campaign rhetoric.   The reason Romney is surging and will become the nominee is because his is shrewd, organized, disciplined and bold.  Take Florida for example, he has in real danger of losing the contest to Gingrich, but he took the bold step of spending millions on exposing Gingrich's many past faults to the public eye and it paid off: they broke for Romney in droves. 

If making a political statement (and then losing) is what Conservatives want to do in 2012, then perhaps Santorum or Gingrich may be our man.  But if beating Obama is what we want, then we must have Mitt Romney, the only man with the campaign discipline, craftiness, and ability to call up financial and man-power support.  Santorum and his campaign have made blunder after blunder: Obama, the democrats and the media will eat him alive.  Gingrich has too many contradictory liabilities: a personal history of loose financials and morals and an ethics violation conviction in the House to quickly render anything he says hypocritical.  Romney has an impeccably moral family life, and the real-life business experience to fix everything that's wrong with the economy today.

As a final note, Gingrich's apparent plan to prevent Romney from securing the needed 1144 delegates and causing a "brokered convention" at the Aug. 27-30 Republican convention is not just mathematically a pipe dream, it is suicide foe the effort to beat Obama!  Think about it.  Because the candidates have had to focus on each other (as well as all their supporters and the media) Obama has been receiving a free ride from the people who should be criticizing him the most.  Instead, each of our candidates have been repeatedly stripped and flogged before the public.  (In a way this is good, because it is airing out every possible negative ahead of the general and toughening the candidates.)  If this fight drags out to the beginning of September, as Gingrich hopes to do, Republicans will have barely two months to make their case to America why their heavily-contested nominee is better than the fully-Democrat-backed Obama.  Campaigns need time to sink in, and two months is simply not enough for a presidential campaign.  The longer this primary goes on the less chance we have of stopping Obama and all the things he plans on doing in his second term: a term that will not be bridled by a need to appear moderate to get re-elected. 

Consider that Romney not only has shrewdly been wining the winner-take-alls and the ignored islands , but he has also won the swing states that Republicans need to win in November while Santorum and Gingrich have only won the states that Rebpublicans are sure to win anyways.  Consider that Santorum and Romney have checkered pasts of years as Washington politicians, Romney is a successful businessman Washington-outsider.  Santorum focuses on Social issues.  While these are important, they will not win us this election.  Gingrich's baggage gives Obama and his media too much to work with.  Santorum himself considered Romney a conservative in 2008.  Only when he decided to enter the race did he change his tune.

Romney is our best hope to end Obamacare, anti-religious Obama dictates, prevent Cap-and-Trade, lower taxes, and restore our nation's economy.  Republicans, Conservatives, and right-minded moderates need to rise above the divisive campaign rhetoric and build the strong coalition we need!


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