CNN's Soledad O'Brien and Jay Thomas Look Like Fools for Taking on Breitbart's Joel Pollak

Thursday, March 8, 2012

If you missed the hilarious efforts of  Soledad O'Brien and Thomas Pollak to defend Obama from the late Andrew Breitbart, watch here:

Daily Caller has uncovered more things that leave egg yolk on these two pathetic media spinners' faces:

 Wow. Breathe into a paper bag, Soledad.

But she’s not the best part. The best part is at the 6:30 mark, when comedian and radio host Jay Thomas asks Pollak, “What are you frightened of? Are you frightened that black people are gonna do something to you?”

I think Thomas might have nailed it. Here’s Pollak’s wife, Julia. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

I have a funny joke for you, Mr. Thomas. Feel free to use it:

“Take my wife. Please. I’m scared of her because she’s black!”

Update: Oh, or maybe this could be why Soledad was so upset:

Update: Will Jay Thomas and/or Soledad O’Brien be making an on-air apology to the Pollaks for calling Joel a racist? If not, why not?

Update: Prepare to gaze into the face of hatred:

By the way… Good catch, Joel!

Update: Rebelpundit asks: Was Soledad O’Brien Bailed Out by Producers on Critical Race Theory Definition? Well, considering she just kept repeating the first sentence of the top Google result for “critical race theory,” it’s a safe assumption that somebody was reading it into her earpiece. Just like in Broadcast News. Except back then they didn’t even have the Web.

I assume they do this all the time. I just wonder if anybody has failed as hard at it as Soledad did today.

Update: Last week she fell for that hoax about the evil bankster who left a 1% restaurant tip and wrote “Get a real job” on it. Did she ever correct that on the air? How are her ratings even as high as they are?

Update: It turns out Jay Thomas also had somebody talking into his earpiece during that segment:


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you caught the fact that someone was reading the first line of the Wikipedia entry for Critical Race Theory to Soledad in her earpiece. You saw how she stalled and stalled in answering Joel's question until she finally got the info. She even mentioned she was distracted by someone "talking in her ear" later in the interview. Too bad her producers didn't read past the first line of the Wiki article because literally the next paragraph proved Joel was right about CRT being preoccupied with white supremacy. Never have two liberal panelists (Soledad and Jay Thomas) failed so hard in such a public forum!

Actually, it appears what happened is not long after Soledad redefined "Critical Race Theory" there began to be a vigorous "edit-war" on the wikipedia page of the same name in which some unknown individuals kept trying to change the page to match what Soledad said while others kept reverting it to pre-Mar 7 status. Eventually some higher-ups stepped in, locked down the page and reverted it back to before CNN's people got to it.

You can read all about the "edit war" on the wikipedia article's talk page:

Kind of scary how far the "mainstream" media will go to obfuscate Obama's past, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I hope that Soledad O'Brien and Jay Thomas were able to get Joel Pollak's license plate after he crashed through their clown-car.

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