This is what will take Gingrich Down

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

if anything will....  Gingrich is a big-government progressive RINO!!!

UNBELIEVABLE?! Newt loves FDR, models himself after Woodrow Wilson and admires SEIU’s Andy Stern

Gingrich is caught praising his favorite president of the 20th century: FDR. Yup, he picked the mother of all progressives ahead of Ronald Reagan.

Watch the video montage below:

Cue sound of heads exploding across the country…NOW!

Seriously?! This is unbelievable.

“This goes back to what Newt Gingrich said on this program. You got to get things done. That’s akin to saying we all love the Constitution but there are things we got to do,” Glenn warned.

“FDR did get things done, and then they were ruled unconstitutional,” Stu joked.

But that’s not the worst thing – on the clip at the top of the page Glenn reads a story where Gingrich praised SEIU’s Andy Stern in one of his books.

In his book “Real Chance: From the World That Fails to the World That
Works,” Gingrich praises the SEIU head, who remains a close adviser of
the President Obama. Pitching the need for conservatives to respect
organized labor, while simultaneously pushing back against some of
Labor’s more cherished legislative goals, he wrote the following:
” Conservatives cannot cheer unions overseas and then be blindly
anti-union here at home. There are legitimate historic reasons for
workers to organize together, and there is a strong need for a
healthy, competitive, union, movement that helps improve the lives of
its members and the competitiveness of our country.
Andy Stern, the head of the Service Employees International Union,
is the union leader who probably best understands the challenge of the
world market and the need to make American union members productive in
the face of world competition. Sadly, he is a distinct minority among
union leaders. “

“So he loves Andy Stern,” Glenn said. “If he can’t figure it of Stern is a Socialist communist dirt bag then he shouldn’t be the leader of the free world.”

And he admits to be a fan of Woodrow Wilson!

Watch Newt claim to be a “realpolitik Wilsonian” below:


GQ: Obama One of "Least Influential People Alive"

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ya think buyer's remorse has hit hard enough already?  First on GQ magazine's (a decidedly liberal publication) list of "25 Least Influential People Alive” is the "Chosen One" himself.

No. 25 — President Obama: 
Okay, so we’re cheating a bit with this one. He did order the raid that wiped Osama bin Laden off the face of the earth. But then he used that surplus of political capital to let everyone in Washington stick a boot in his ass. This is a man who should be the most transformational figure of the century. Hell, he promised to be that. Instead he wields all the power of a substitute teacher at night school.

Not far behind the Democrat's failed wunderkind are a couple more of his accomplices:

No. 3 Ed Schultz

There are so many repugnant political pundits on TV now, we tend to forget that the likes of Sean Hannity actually represent the best of the lot.
 [...] Do you watch The Ed Show on MSNBC? Of course you don’t. No one does. [...] Did you know MSNBC suspended Schultz this year? It did! He called Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut,” and he still couldn’t get noticed.

No. 17 — Newsweek/Daily Beast Editor Tina Brown: 
Brown spent 2011 transforming Newsweek from a magazine no one reads into a magazine no one reads but everyone despises. That’s what happens when you @#$% the corpse of Princess Diana by Photoshopping her at age 50 for your cover, then do a separate Photoshop of her holding an iPhone…

Sex With Animals OK for Soldiers, Senate Decides

The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to approve a defense authorization bill which included a provision that not only repealed the military ban on sodomy, but also repealed the ban on having sex with animals — or bestiality.

Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council, said there’s a definite link between the repeal of DADT and the repeal of the sodomy law.

“It’s all about using the military to advance this administration’s radical social agenda,” Perkins told CNS News. “Not only did they overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but they had another problem, and that is, under military law sodomy is illegal, just as adultery is illegal, so they had to remove that prohibition against sodomy.”

Perkins said removing the bestiality provision may have been intentional — or it may just have been “collateral damage.”

Former Army Col. Bob Maginnis told CNS News some military lawyers have indicated bestiality could be prosecuted under another section of the military code of justice — Article 134, for offenses against “good military order and discipline.” It’s not a sure bet, though.

“If we have a soldier who engages in sodomy with an animal — whether a government animal or a non-government animal — is it, in fact, a chargeable offense under the Uniform Code? I think that’s in question,” Maginnis said. “Soldiers, unfortunately, like it or not, have engaged in this type of behavior in the past. Will they in the future, if they remove this statute? I don’t know.”

(From The Blaze)

Gingrich Wants To Pay Children To Clean Government Buildings

I can see it now. Throngs of little kids scrubbing the Capitol floor singing "It's a Hard Knock Life." Conservatism at its finest! Let's pay 10 year olds to use harsh chemicals to clean their schools, like prisoners in a prison, and pay them minimum wage. That will "fundamentally change the nature of poverty in America!"

Maybe Gingrich was trying to sound Libetarian- do away with government restrictions and all that? But then he wants the government to hire these children to service their school buildings- which is big government. So... is it Socialism or Conservatism?

This is the face of the man who destroyed the Republican party.

VIDEO: I Voted for Obama...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

In 2008, the youth vote was overwhelmingly for Obama and helped elect him to the White House. Now, three years into his presidency and one year from the most important election of our lives, college students are thinking twice before voting for Obama again.

And one more bonus video...


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