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Friday, November 18, 2011

Think Newt is destined to become the Republican nominee?  Think again.

A few days ago we ran an article pointing out the amazing hypocrisy in casting aside Herman Cain for a few unsubstantiated harassment claims (not too unlike those made on Bill Cosby and Clarence Thomas, other Black conservatives who dared to stand up for their beliefs) for Newt Gingrich, a man rife with scandals (both involving sex and money) stretching over decades.  (See our article: Cain is Immoral? What About Newt Gingrich?)

Of course the liberal media are licking their chops as they hope beyond hope for an Obama-Gingrich contest.  They are getting the video clips, soundbytes, and "expert witnesses" ready even as we speak. Did you know that Gingrich accepted $1.6 Million from Freddie Mac for doing essentially nothing?

Two more articles have appearing in leading news organizations incredulously questioning the collective wisdom of conservatives in turning to a candidate like Newt. 
Gingrich the “Historian” Skips Over his Own Past

Is Newt Peaking Too Soon?


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