Liberal Students Stumped Over Afirmative Action in Sports

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One of the biggest tragedies about our current educational system is the blatant lack of balance in the way ethics and political ideology is taught ion our schools and colleges.  This "pied piper" approach to viewpoints leaves most students unaware of the ridiculous inconsistencies among the hypocritical socio-political views that they have been spoon-fed by their liberal teachers and professors.  (This is why they are often referred to as "drones.") Case in point:

Many students support affirmative action, in an effort to promote diversity. They argue that race-based preferences “level the playing field” for disadvantaged minorities. However, these same students refused to sign our petition to apply such policies to the basketball team. At UC Riverside — where the video was filmed — 10/11 active players on the team are African American. Why not use affirmative action to promote diversity there?


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that affirmative action is perfect, but I think that steps should be taken that give people in poverty a chance at an equal education. Basketball is a game. Affirmative action addresses a cycle of poverty and ideally gives each subsequent generation a better chance at success. Broadening the scope of affirmative action to basketball teams is trivial and useless; of course no one signed your petition.

First of all, your assumption that race correlates with poverty is obviously false and frankly racist. There is no reason why the color of your skin should indicate that you need some extra help to get a job and support your family. Democrats have been telling minorities this vicious, racist falsehood for years and years, but the fact is that most employers simply want the best person for the job, regardless of the color of their skin.

But if we do go with the racist principle behind affirmative action, than White people should definitely be given extra advantages in the areas of basketball and football. Do you not realize that it is NOT "just a game" to college and pro athletes, it is their career? It is their ticket out of poverty? By virtue of their under-representation in pro and college sports, White people are clearly discriminated against and ought to be given special treatment.

Besides, not only is college and pro sports their very livelihood, it is one of the most public institutions in our society. Can you honestly feel right supporting an institution that clearly gives preference to one race of athletes over another, teaching young White kids that they just aren't good enough to compete with young Black kids? You know, studies have shown that kids are very much affected in their own self-esteem by the race and gender of the role models that are put forth by the society they live in. What about the kids, Anonymous? THINK ABOUT THE POOR KIDS!!!

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