Mercury News promotes Anti-Mormon sites in covert gay rights hit piece... alleges electro-shock therapy against gays

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mercury News wants you to know there are support groups for Mormons who question their church. The article diluted to a simple propaganda piece for anti-Mormon websites. Emails reveal that it started out as a gay rights hit piece but apparently she couldn't find anyone to back up her ridiculous claims.

"Mormonism is not a Sunday-only religion -- the church reaches into almost every section of a member's life... They also go to organizational meetings, camps, missionary farewells and missionary homecomings."

I don't recall ever being required to attend a Mormon camp or organizational meeting? Sounds cultish to me. But Michelle doesn't stop there. In the emails she claims Mormon groups like BYU performed shock therapy on gay people... as recently as 2002.

In preparation for her article at Mercury News, Beaver emailed PostMormon. She said her story would be "specifically for gay mormons/exmormons" and "Mormon treatment of gays." Gee, her article doesn't say that! Only at the end does she admit she hates the church because they "threaten loving relationships, and [] drive family members apart." Up until then she just wants to provide support for Mormons who "have unorthodox beliefs!"

In her email she admits she can't find a single gay person who actually used to be Mormon! How are you going to write an article about something that doesn't actually exist?

My name is Michelle Beaver and I'm a freelance reporter working on an in-depth article for the Bay Area News Group (The Oakland Tribune, The San Jose Mercury News, etc.). The article is about Mormon treatment of gays, from the affects of reparative therapy, to the feelings of Bay Area gay people and ex-Mormons regarding Mormon involvement in Prop 8. A little more about myself: I am a former employee of Bay Area News Group and of the Associated Press, and I'm currently editor of two national medical trade journals. I am also writing a book with the working title, "Humble Pious: Mormon Humility Versus Mormon Hostility in the Age of Gay Rights."

In regards to the article, I would very much appreciate if you could lead me to anyone in the Bay Area who is or used to be a gay Mormon. I have been finding some fantastic information for my article, but I still have not found a gay Mormon who lives in the Bay Area or who used to live in the Bay Area. I really need this missing puzzle piece. I'm excited to have learned about and think it sounds like an intelligent, caring group of people.

If you know anyone you can send my way, please have them e-mail me or call me at (602) 575-1986. I need to hear from them as soon as possible. Also, if you and/or any other member of the Bay Area chapter of could answer the following questions via e-mail (or call me and I'll ask the questions) it would be a huge help. If you or your group participates, please send the responses by Friday. Feel free to skip any question you don't care for.

1. As you may know, researchers in the psychology department of Brigham Young University in the 1970s used to perform ammonia and shock therapy on gay people, and a Mormon-affiliated group called Evergreen took up the cause later and performed similar "treatment" until at least 2002. What is your general opinion on this part of church history?

2. In your opinion, is Evergreen affiliated with the LDS church?

3. How much pressure is there on gays in the Mormon church to change their behavior?

4. To my knowledge, the gay community and/or gay individuals have never asked the church for an apology or for admittance of supporting reparative therapy.The Reconciliation organization sent a petition to the Church, but have any other efforts been made to raise awareness about reparative therapy, and/or to ask the church for an apology? Has there been any talk of lawsuits?

5. In your opinion, how angry is the gay population of the Bay Area (in general) toward the Mormon church for its involvement in Prop 8, and do you think those feelings will be likely to change? How does your group feel about Mormon involvement in Prop 8?

6. What is your name, age, what city do you live in, and what is your general profession?

7. How many members are there of, and of the Bay Area chapter?

Feel free to add anything else you think is pertinent and to ask me if you have any questions. Thank you sincerely!

Michelle Beaver

Her email is Perhaps some Mormons might inform Ms. Beaver on the actual facts. Or what honest journalism is.

Michelle Beaver's past blockbusters include: Firemen free nude man stuck in chimney. Quality news from


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