The Enslavement of Americans by their Government

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

by John Hutchinson

Slav’er’y (noun)

1. System based on enslaved labor
      a. The practice of, or a system based on, using the enforced labor of other people
2. Condition of being enslaved laborer
      a. The state or condition of being held in involuntary servitude as the property of someone else
3. Hard Work
      a. Very hard work, especially for low pay and under bad conditions
4. State of being dominated
      a. A state of being completely  dominated by another
5. State Sanctioned Slavery (Added by the Author)
      a. The confiscation of the individuals income and prosperity for the benefit of the state and those controlling the state through the use of excessive taxation.

Are we now slaves to our very system of government? Our government was designed and intended to serve and protect America and Americans. But that system has now grown to unmanageable proportions and its priorities have changed from serving the common good to serving its own agenda.

Look about you. We are now existing and working more and more for the needs of the government that was intended to serve us. And when you are working for the governments interest that are not your own are you not working under duress through taxation?

The Federal Government is now running a 13.5 Trillion Dollar deficit and it is growing daily. That is added to the estimated 90 Trillion Dollars total liabilities owed by the United States Government that is acting on the behalf of the American People. In other words you and I owe that money.

As the state increases taxation on the country to pay for ever largeness of the government the citizens will become more and more enslaved to the state. The fruits of labor will be consumed by higher taxes, inflation and the deterioration of quality and services purchased. In this way the people of America’s needs and priorities become second to the needs of the state and the people of America become enslaved to the state.

A nation must have revenue in the form of taxes upon goods and services to meet the needs of the country. Very few will ever dispute that point. A nation needs roads to prosper and grow. We need a strong defense to protect from aggression and intimidation by other nations.

However the Government of the United States and many of the individual states have been allowed to grow unchecked and not in proportion to the abilities of the American People to sustain its financial requirements. We the American People are now broke with no means to repay what our government has spent in the guise of serving the common good.

Our government, our representatives and senators, our presidents, governors and state assemblies have sold us into slavery. And they have done so not to serve the common good but in building power bases with special interest groups and unions. Our future and even the future of our children are now committed to working not for our own prosperity but to pay for the greed and selfishness of the very people we trusted to safeguard or country and our future.

What is slavery really? I have provided the dictionary’s definitions at the top of this article. But that is dry and impersonal. My definition of Slavery is when another through no action of yours levees a tax upon your labors and confiscates the rewards of your labor. In the days when one man could enslave another it was simply one man taxing the wages of another at 100%. One man controlled the life of another and reaped all the rewards of the slaves labor.

So without the chains and the whip our own government has enslaved the American People to the debt it has accumulated not by serving the American People but by preserving its power base. We must work to pay for what has been spent in our name. We are obligated to repay trillion’s in debt spent for no common purpose. Our own government has not only confiscated our wages, it has stolen our future and even the future of our children! We and our prosperity have been sold into a debtors prison that we can never escape from.

But why? Why did our own government, our elected officials do this to us and America? What was the goal and the exit strategy? Sad to say but I do not think there ever was one. As the truth and half truths surface over the action of the government for the last ten or twelve years or more it appears that our government bought into the biggest pyramid scheme of all time. Everyone could have a dream home without really working for it, everyone could have golden pension plans and people on welfare can live just as comfortably as everyone else. If we can just borrow a little money from our future earnings. And once they started down that path the only way to stop it was to shut it down completely and no one was willing to do that. They just kept adding cars onto the back of the train. And when there were too many cars for the engine to pull they added a second engine and on and on and on till today.

And we are still far from the truth America. There is a lot more to come. The Republicans in Congress are still acting like they can salvage America from this train wreck but they know the truth. The truth is that to save ourselves from this mess we are looking at years of hard work, high taxation and reducing the size and scope of the Federal Government back to levels not known since just after World War I.

To do so we have to break the backs of the public sector employees unions, special interest groups and even reduce our military forces. Close federal departments like the DOE, DOT, EPA and more. There is no other option. We must not only stop the spending by our government but we must start paying off the debt as fast as possible. We have to now push the train backwards and uphill at the same time.

You are going to hear lies from our government on how they are going to fix this problem. Any ideas or promises they put forth are nothing but lies. The America is that the only ones that can fix this are you and I! The first thing we have to do is STOP the spending. Not slow down the increases in spending, not reduce the spending but simply stop it in its tracks. There is no current political leadership willing to destroy their power base to accomplish this.

We cannot fix it by raising taxes in corporations, the wealthy or anyone else but you and I; the everyday American. Taxes on Corporations and the wealthy are only passed down to the working men and women in the form of higher prices through inflation and we end up paying the tax and then some.

But our first priority is the take our country back! Take America back from the despots who have raped our country and our futures for their own greed and self interests.

Take America Back; from the Socialist Left that has pillaged wasted our children’s future.

Take America Back; from bloated Republicans who turned a blind eye to what was going on in exchange for their own agenda.

Defeat the special interest groups that have worked to drain the wealth of America like some leech or parasite on a victim.

Make no mistake we are all slaves to the state now. But we do not have to stay that way. It is up to each of us to do something and then do even more. It is not enough to simply vote or opine our opinions on a website or a bumper sticker. We need to start being on every street corner in America. We need to make the politicians tremble when considering every action and inaction they consider. And we need to destroy the special interest groups utterly through legislation and through sheer power of reason and the pressure applied by millions.

I will ask you to recall the Cold War. Millions of humans endured decades of suppression and a substandard living behind the iron curtain. But all it took was one crack in the communist dictatorships and the whole system collapsed.

I will ask you to remember the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King. How sheer willpower and the belief in the American Dream even when America was not just to all led to one of the greatest and proudest moments in American History.

And I will also ask you to look upon Venezuela. How easily a nation can be led astray by the lies and deception of a corrupt and cynical government. How fast one nation can deteriorate into a shadow of its former self.

It is time to wake up America. It is time to start fighting back before it is too late and we are doomed to slavery to the state for generations to come.

John S Hutchinson


Euripides said...

Just a nit-picking note. The national debt is currently $14.2 trillion. The national deficit is currently running about $1.3 trillion. It's the debt and the continued deficit spending that enslaves the American people to a larger, statist government.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anybody fight back?? Are we all that fat and worthless?

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