Apple Pulls Ex-Gay Therapy App From Exodus International

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple may consider themselves very open to the "alternative" lifestyle, but they have demonstrated once again that they will not tolerate any "alternative to the alternative lifestyle." 

Exodus International is a 35-year-old organization with the stated purpose of helping individuals with same-sex attraction reconcile these proclivities  with their belief in Christianity and a pro-creative, gender-uniting plan of God.  They also spend a considerable amount of effort on educating the general public (especially more conservative Christian groups) on being more comfortable around people who experience same-sex attraction, and how it can be mitigated through the positive application of Christian doctrine.

Exodus international provides educational materials, support groups, social media, conferences and events to individuals, families and the general public. The "Exodus International Iphone App" was part of this effort until Apple pulled the app, claiming that it violated their rule of "not being offensive to large groups of people."  It doesn't take much intelligence to see the hypocrisy of this action.

A quick search on itunes reveals the following apps that are apparently, "not offensive to large groups of people":

Sexy Touch Game
iGrow Male Enhancement
Gay Lover
Gay Karmasutra Sex Positions
PRIDE (The App for Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender People)
BoyAhoy Gay Chat
Recon: Gay Fetich Profiler
Visual Gay Sex Tutor

Remember, despite what some people in the media wold like to claim, a majority of people do not want same-sex marriage, and surely a much larger percentage would like to stay as far away from a "Visual Gay Sex Tutor" as possible.  But no one has called for its removal.  They just stay away.  Is it not possible that the people offended by a Christian group claiming that God can help them with their unwanted same-gender attraction can also just stay away?

No, of course not.  Because this isn't about offense; it's about social control.  Promoters of the "gay lifestyle" need us all to believe that there is no alternative, that they are victims of a society that won't let them be the way they "just are."  People like my friend Joshua pose the biggest threat to them, and therefore must be ridiculed and even litigated into silence. 

The same thing happened in December when Apple pulled an app supporting "Traditional Marriage."

Apple is certainly not an "open" platform, but there are always alternatives.


Euripides said...

Gays keep demanding that what goes on in the bedroom is private. Fine. Then why does gay ideology insist on indoctrinating the rest of the world? Perhaps private matters aren't enough for this particular brand of identity politics?

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