John Huntsman Jr Preparing for 2011 Presidential Run

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U.S. Ambassador to China John Huntsman, Jr. has resigned his post in order to possibly run against President Obama in 2012. Huntsman is the former Republican governor of Utah, and the son of billionaire philanthropist John Huntsman Sr..  (Read More)

Many Republicans are already tearing him apart as a RINO, but I am not seeing that in his record.  Can someone help me find these liberal leanings?  (Just because Obama chose him as ambassador to China, it doesn't mean he subscribes to Obama's values.  He worked for Reagan and both Bush's administrations too.)


Sophie said...

To be honest I have the same question. I must admit that I wasn't paying attention to politics back when he was governor, but I do remember a lot of raucous about him being for civil unions. I personally agree with him on that point. There was also something about climate change, but that was before the "science" started to fall apart.

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