Obama Not Just Above the Law; He Is the Law

Friday, February 25, 2011

Excerpt from David Lambaugh's latest column entitled Obama Not Just Above the Law; He Is the Law:

To understand the magnitude of Obama's action, we must again consider the above-cited fact that both chambers of Congress passed DOMA by overwhelming majorities reflecting the will of the people that marriage be defined, for legal and policy purposes, as it always had been. Also, no federal appellate court has ruled the statute unconstitutional.

As he has in so many other areas (EPA, the offshore drilling ban, IMF), Obama has usurped the authority of the other two coequal branches of government to make himself, in effect, not just chief executive but super-legislator and a supreme judicial authority.

. . .

So now we have an imperial president who is refusing to enforce a law passed by powerful congressional majorities while persisting in enforcing a law (Obamacare) that two federal courts have already invalidated. The only common denominator is that Obama believes he is the law.

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Hat tip: A Banner is Unfurled, Kingfisher

VIDEO: Unionists Throw Tantrum as Bill Passes Wisconsin Assembly

How is it that there are dozens of irate pro-union activists on the assembly floor acting like angry kindergardeners?  Do they let just anyone on the floor in Wisconsin?

DOJ Decides to Stop Defending DOMA

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apparently President Obama feels that the Supreme Court is not necessary.  You know that constitutional role they have of interpreting the constitution and ruling any laws that violate it unconstitutional?  Well to blazes with them, Obama says, he can do that just fine himself.  Today, Obama decided that the Defense of Marriage Act that congress passed back in 1996 is in fact unconstitutional, and he has ordered his Department of Justice (you know, the guys who insisted on giving 9/11 terrorists the rights of US citizens, has been attacking Arizona for trying to defend their border, and has bent our constitution all directions to defend Obamacare in court) to cease defending that federal law in court. 

However you feel about the issue of gay marriage, it should scare you that Obama is taking over the Supreme Court's constitutionally-mandated role.  It should scare you that he also does not feel the need to have his "advisors" (aka. Czars) confirmed by the Senate, as also mandated in the Constitution.  Our government is as close to totalitarianism as it has ever been since FDR militarized the nation for WWII.  When will Americans wake up and see their freedom slipping away?

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration says it will no longer defend the constitutionality of a federal law that bans recognition of same-sex marriage.

In a statement Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder says President Obama has concluded that the administration can no longer defend the federal law that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman.

The Justice Department had defended the Defense of Marriage Act in court until now.

VIDEOS: Violent, Racist Union Protestors Terrorize Wisconsin Capital

Did you think they were kidding when they said they wanted to bring the "revolution" in Egypt to America?

Democrat U.S. Representatives tell pro-union protesters to "get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary."

SEIU and other Union websites feature a violent "theme song" that encourages its members to “take the bastards down!“ and ”we got to smash them to the ground!”

Guess this guy heard the call: Union member whacks young, female conservative.

A Black conservative is verbally assaulted by racist SEIU members, called uneducated and a deadbeat dad.

Union Protester Calls Conservative a "Bad Jew"

State and union workers yell over opening prayer

Should I even bother? Ok, one more time:


Runaway Senators Spotted in Harvard, Illinois Motel

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The hunt for the runaway Wisconsin Democrat senators continue.  This time, a Tea Partier found them lounging in a Harvard motel lobby.  AP Check Reports:

Founding Bloggers confirmed that the mainstream media is complicit in covering up the location of Wisconsin Senators:
Illinois Tea Party board member Doc got the Heritage Suites in Harvard, and found the fleeing senators in the lobby of the motel. He said that they were laughing like school children. News cameras were there. Doc confronted the senators, saying, “Do you know any reason why you shouldn’t be recalled for your failure to fulfill the duties of your office?” and the like. They asked him who he was. When he identified himself as a member of Northern IL Tea Party the mood changed. The hotel clerk asked him if he was a paying guest. He/she said, if he wasn’t he would have to leave.

Police kicked out the Tea Partiers instead of arresting the lawbreaking Democrats. This is the hotel:

Heritage Inn And Suites
1701 S Division St, Harvard, IL, 60033 United States
Why don't you give that hotel a call and ask them why they're harboring fugitives?

Wisconsin Lawmakers In Hiding: Cartoon

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama Uses Anti-Civil Rights Tactic To Avoid Balanced Budget, Promote Violence

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barack Obama's Organizing For America was a key organizer for the “day of rage” protests in Wisconsin. What happened to civility? The unionist protesters called for the GOP governor's death.

Democratic lawmakers are wanted by police and allegedly fled the state to avoid a budget balancing session. Tea Party patriots are chasing the Democrats all around the country, soon to make citizens arrests. This is how desperate Democrats are to perpetuate the spiraling economy! They have become outlaws. Democrats have used this tactic to stop legislation before. In 1942 Southern Democrats refused to show up to vote on civil rights legislation for Blacks.

Prior to 1988, the last time the procedure had been used was during a 1942 filibuster over civil rights legislation. Southern senators had spent days filibustering legislation to end Poll taxes used in the South to disenfranchise blacks and other low-income voters. Taking place just days after midterm elections had resulted in the loss of nine seats. Democratic Majority Leader Alben W. Barkley obtained an order on a Saturday session on November 14, 1942 directing Sergeant at Arms Chesley W. Jurney to round up the five Southern absentees to obtain a quorum.

Mexican Military Perform Armed Incursion on US Soil

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obviously Mexico considers any US homeland security effort to be a joke.  In a brash violation of US sovereignty, a Mexican military truck full of armed personnel wearing Mexican military uniforms crossed over onto US territory into Texas, stopped an SUV and searched it at gunpoint.  They then did a U-turn before the US customs checkpoint and crossed back over into Mexico.

This is not even close to the first time this has happened.

Still the safest border ever, Janet Napolitano?

LA Times Smears Church Leader For Defending Religious Rights In America

Saturday, February 5, 2011

LA Times is out of control! They recently attacked cities who arrest child rapist illegal aliens and smeared Sarah Palin as "partisan" for celebrating Ronald Reagan's call for smaller government. But this next attack really takes the cake....

MSNBC once called Dallin H. Oaks the worst person in the world for condemning the incivility surrounding Proposition 8. Oaks didn't even mention gay marriage or Proposition 8 in this recent speech, but LA Times falsely claimed he attacked the "inroads made by a vigorous gay rights movement." He never said that. His speech had nothing to do with that.

LA Times falsely reported: "Oaks said he didn't want to dwell on same-sex marriage. But the examples he cited of intrusions on religious liberty were almost all related to that debate." Not one single word used by Oaks was related to that debate!

LA Times call his "timing odd" because Mormon numbers are increasing and because Mormons were victorious with Proposition 8. Actually Mormon numbers have always been increasing. And Mormongs were very much not victorious with Proposition 8, as the Constitutional Amendment was illegally usurped by liberal judges. That would support Oak's claim of "an informal conspiracy of correctness" against religion.

LA Times falsely claims (in bold at the top): "Many Americans find little evidence that religious liberty is threatened." The rag falsely reported: "He clearly was tapping into a concern of many Americans: A 2008 Pew survey found that the country was almost evenly divided on the question of whether religious influence on government was increasing or decreasing."

Actually a majority of Americans see religious influence in decline, according to Gallup polls. Over 70% find religion less influential, the highest amount in history. The Pew poll actually likewise shows about 70% concerned about religious influences. LA Times flat out lied!

LA Times quotes anti-Mormon gay activists and "Freedom From Religion" leaders to spin Oak's words. They report smudge against the church: "What they want to do is to curtail freedom for gays. They're not for freedom. They're for theocracy in matters of marriage... They're not so different from the Islamists, the mullahs." Here is what Oaks really had to say, judge for yourself:

Superbowl Reagan Tribute Video: Watch it here before the game

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank goodness the Super Bowl is being held in Texas this year and the greatest modern president can receive the tribute he deserves.  If only we had Reagan with us now...

Labor: Destroying the Socialist Agenda

By John S Hutchinson

Forward Statement: I was going to write a detailed article concerning the Socialist Agenda. However the amount of information would make the article too long. So I will be submitting articles concerning their agenda based on one topic at a time. The topics are important ones and we all need to see the absurdity of the Lefts standing on them.


The one issue that could blow the Socialistic Agenda of the Democrats out of the water!

There are no Political Actions Committees, industrial Organizations, Special Interest Groups or Power Brokers who have contributed more towards the successes of the Democratic Party than Labor Organizations.

But how does the Democratic Party manage to hold onto so many diverse groups of labor that when not supporting the Democratic Party are busy fighting one another?

Within the Labor Force that supports almost exclusively Democrats you have Unionized Labor, Non Unionized Labor, Unionized Migrant workers, Non Union Migrant Workers, Illegal Alien Workers, and Contract Workers. Most of the time all these groups are fighting one another for jobs and territory. Yet they are able to put away the long knives just long enough to support the Democrats during election cycles. But Why?

How does the Democratic Party manage to pull it off? It boils down to just one simply phrase, Pork and future legislation that will help provide billions of dollars in addition pork. Without the billions of our tax dollars going to make work programs the harmony that weakly holds all these groups together would fail like wet tissue. And if the Democratic Party failed to keep the billions in Tax Dollars flowing to all these groups the Democratic Party would be in serious trouble.

Unionized Labor is slowly losing ground to all other groups. They are being squeezed out in territory and members each year. Basically the Democratic Party has been exploiting the Unions' outright hatred for the Republican Party. But the Union bosses just keep prostituting their unions out to the Democrats each election proving millions of dollars, union members going door to door and manning phone banks. And what do the Unions get in return? A slightly smaller slice of pie than the election before. The Union bosses know they are being treated like idiots but cannot admit it to the rank and file union members. So they put on a poker face and tell all the members what a great job Senators like Boxer are doing for organized labor. I mean how can you pass million of dollars of your union members funds to a politician and then tell your members that the politician short changed you? For all union members reading this ask yourself why your share of the pie keeps getting smaller and the non union companies are getting more and more of your work? Basically it ends up being a chain reaction lie. The politician lies to get the funding and support and the Union bosses pass the lie along to get the rank and file to go along with it. And to top it off the politician will also make the same promises to Industry leaders union and non union.

Then there are the non union workers. They also typically vote heavily for Democrats. Yet both them and the Unionized workers are in a constant battle over the same government handouts and money. They perceive the Republican Party to be the party of big business when in fact it is the Democratic Party that gains a large portion of industry support. But there has to be reasons for this. The non union labor feels like many unionized workers that the Democrats are for the working guy. And Industry with their powerful PAC’s is after government funds and contracts and lineup at the trough as well. The one thing holding all them together is our tax dollars that the Democrats will pass out like Christmas gifts all year long.

Next come the Unionized and Non Unionized Farm Workers. They too are heavily hit upon by Democratic politicians and they to provide huge numbers of foot soldiers to carry the message into the migrant and Hispanic communities. They are promised better working conditions, better pay and support to help ease the way for gaining citizenship.

At the bottom are the Illegal workers that fill millions of jobs across America. They too are being offered something in the way of legislation like the Dream Act just proposed by the Majority Leader of the US Senate.

If the Democrats lose the means to dole out hundreds of billions of tax dollars for all the make work programs across America it would devastate their ability to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions and millions of guaranteed votes each election.

So how do we take the public purse away from the Democrats? Actually they may well have all ready done more to accomplish that than anything the Republicans and Independents could do! Due to the gross and near criminal spending that has taken place over the last few years by both parties serious spending cuts are unavoidable. And as the pork funds run out the Unions and Industrial PAC’s will start ramping up their demands for someone to turn the money tap back on. And this is going to cause a lot of in-house fighting within the Democratic Party and between Labor groups and PAC’s.

The deeper the cuts go the more of the Democratic base will be washed away.

Another nail in the coffin of the Democratic Money Monster will be financial crises at the state levels. Many public sector workers unions will be in serious trouble. States like California are all ready enacting drastic budget cuts and proposing tax increases. If the tax increases are refused by the voters a second round of budget cuts could lead to huge layoffs of unionized governmental workers.

So the one thing that might destroy the Democratic monopoly on Labor might very well turn out to be the Democratic Parties and the Trade Unions greed that has led to crippling budget shortfalls for federal and states due to unsustainable spending to purchase votes and support. Basically the snake will eat its own tail.
But the Republicans in Congress and at the state level must do all in their power to hurry the destruction of the Democratic Party and Labor love fest. They need to cut spending at every opportunity and reduce the financial burdens at Federal and State. The Democrats will fight this every step of the way for spending on pork is their life line.

I say it’s time to cut the cord.

John S Hutchinson

John Huntsman Jr Preparing for 2011 Presidential Run

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

U.S. Ambassador to China John Huntsman, Jr. has resigned his post in order to possibly run against President Obama in 2012. Huntsman is the former Republican governor of Utah, and the son of billionaire philanthropist John Huntsman Sr..  (Read More)

Many Republicans are already tearing him apart as a RINO, but I am not seeing that in his record.  Can someone help me find these liberal leanings?  (Just because Obama chose him as ambassador to China, it doesn't mean he subscribes to Obama's values.  He worked for Reagan and both Bush's administrations too.)


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