Why the Socialists Hate Sarah Palin

Saturday, December 4, 2010

By John S Hutchinson,

Before I go further I want to thank each and every Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Democrat, free thinker, hooligan and mindless reporter on the left for their substantial contribution to making Sarah Palin the smash hit that she is within the political spectrum. I thank you all! You may have very well weaved the rope of your very destruction! Allow me to carry on!

Why do they hate her so? Well, they have expended treasure, oxygen and brain cells screaming their reason ever since John McCain did the only correct thing during his campaign and nominated Governor Palin as his running mate. They claim she is stupid, unqualified, draft, dumb, ugly, ignorant and fake. But that is not the truth and they know it better than Sarah’s supporters. The real reason they hate Sarah is that they fear her. And in that they are justified, for they have plenty to fear from Sarah.

They hate and fear Sarah Palin for the very same reasons her supporters and admirers value and admire Sarah. Both sides know Sarah can turn the American ship around and steer it in the right direction in 2012. Additionally her admirers and distracters know that Sarah is what is needed to return this country to prosperity and supremacy among all other nations. The Socialist sees this possibility as a disaster; how do you see it?

To express it in today’s terms: Sarah Gets It! Just when the Left thought the Conservative Movement was dead and buried along comes this Ice Hockey Mom come Governor of Alaska that is not bashful about kicking some real booty; so to speak. She tells it like it is and really does not care if you like it or not. She happens to actually believe in the message and, much to the irritation of the Socialist, so do millions of Americans! She is selling this - out of fashion - message that Sarah loves America and as it turns out America loves Sarah right back! This is causing a lot of Socialist and Left Thinkers to get their knickers in a knot over it all, and they really do not know what to do other than attack Sarah! And the more they attack Sarah the more America loves her. If only we can carry this hate from the Left over into the 2012 election we may very well see the first, Female, American President!

Do you think the NOW gang will be happy? Never mind…..

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The Socialists know that the battle for the Presidency of the United States is going to pivot off of Sarah Palin. Both sides and the Tea Party have made Sarah Palin ground zero of the battle, like it or not. And there are many on the far right that hates her even more than the far left. They hate her because Sarah exposes their treachery and incompetency in regard to the conservative movement. While they have been trading America’s principles and standards for power and influence, Sarah has swept in and broad sided them, exposing their true characteristics simply by having the audacity to actually believe in the American Dream and the American Spirit. How dare she! I say Go Sarah Go!

And the above is a critical point. The actions and dealings of the Democrats and Republicans since President Reagan left office remind me of the Dr. Suess story that mirrors the authors view of the nuclear standoff between the United States and the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics at the height of the cold war. (That means the Soviet Union for the readers on the left.) His story was about two groups. One ate their morning toast with the butter side UP and the others ate their morning toast with the butter side DOWN. They all most went to war over the issue. What I mean is that there are no real differences between the two. One side spends 3.456 Trillion and the other side spends 3.457 Trillion. And then along comes Sarah Palin! Talk about a fly in the ointment. But what a FLY! Talk about beauty within the beast! Kick it Sarah! Show no mercy!

Go Sarah GO!

The Socialist point out she is not qualified to be president. (This means the left thinks she would be a great conservative President!) Sarah Palin has all the qualifications she needs to be not only President but a great president. She knows when to consult with advisers and listen to her own gut feelings. A good president knows how to do both. President Reagan listened to his advisers, but the decisions and choices he made were his own. And he stood behind and accountable for his decisions. President Reagan went against the advice of all of his advisers when he made the “tear down this wall” speech. I have no doubt that Future President Palin will do the same. Undoubtedly a future President Palin will be kicking down a few walls! I say kick A*** President Palin!

Sarah has a strong sense of right and wrong, just as President Reagan did. Something the current occupant of the White House lacks totally. This one trait is critical for a president. I refer you back the current occupant of the White House. America needs a president that will do the right thing even when no one will know about it. We deserve a president that will not check his or HER approval ratings before making a decision. Mrs. Sarah Palin will be that sort of president. She will know if America and the majority of Americans approve of her on Election Day. That will be the only poll that will count for a president like President Sarah Palin.

America deserves a president that takes pride in being the President of the United States of America and would never apologize for America. A president that places her hand over her heart when our National Anthem is played. And when the President returns the salute from a Marine when boarding Marine One she does so in a manner that says the President recognizes the service and sacrifice of all the men and women serving our country past and present. Sarah would be that sort of President for she is that sort of American.

Americans deserve a president that inspires all Americans to solder on. We need a president that makes us proud to be Americans! President Ronald Reagan was that sort of President. I remember watching President Reagan on TV when he would address the nation. His words, peppered by his heartfelt convictions pulled at me. I could see in the Presidents eyes his love and devotion to this country. That is what America needs in a president. That is what Americans crave for. But it has been missing since President Reagan left office. And that is why the Socialist hate Sarah with every ounce of energy they can muster. For Sarah Palin has that same conviction. It shines in her eyes whenever she speaks about America and The American Dream! Sarah Palin has what it takes to inspire the American People to greatness. To get up in the morning and attack each day with a gut full of American Spirit and American Know How. That is what made America great! Ordinary Americans motivated to do great things. But it starts with a great motivator. It starts with a Great President. And a great president is one that can address the American People and each and every one of use can see the truth in the Presidents Convictions. That is what I see in Sarah Palin’s eyes when she speaks of the Nation and the American Spirit! That is why so many Americans have a love for Sarah Palin and the Socialist love to hate her! Sarah has what it takes! When I look into Sarah Palin’s eyes I can see the same convictions and determinations that I saw in President Reagan’s eyes all the years past. Sarah believes in America just as President Reagan did. And that is all the reason I need to believe in Sarah. Sarah loves the United States of America. And that is why millions of Americans love her back and millions of Socialist, Communist and like minded that hate America hate Sarah. Sarah is the pivot point for America. Sarah is ground zero in the fight for America’s future. The future of America is subject upon the balance between two camps. The camp that desires to make America into something it was never intended to be and the opposing camp that wants to propel America onwards and down the road of greatness. One side feels that like the Romans, The British Empire, and the Ottoman Turks America’s best and brightest days are behind us verses the opposing sides view that Americans best days are yet to come. I know where my heartfelt convictions lay; I know where America’s future should be, and I am convinced that there is only one true leader out there with a true American Spirit within her. When she speaks about America, she speaks of her own convictions. That person, that American, is Sarah Palin.

But there is more than just being able to motivate people. A president has to be able to weigh both sides of many issues taking into account unknown numbers of ifs ands and buts. And this is where Sarah has an endless supply of resources. Sarah will be able to call upon the right qualified people to advise and assist her. Sarah would not make the same mistake as the current occupant of the White House in filling these positions with political operatives. Sarah will elect the right people to consult her: advisers that advise based on what is best for America versus what will boost the president in the poles. Sarah will listen to her advisers but the decision she will make will be her own. And she will stand behind them. A President Palin will make mistakes. But they will be her mistakes and she will take the responsibilities for them. Sarah is that sort of person. Sarah is that sort of American. America needs that sort of American as President of the United States. America Needs a President Like Sarah Palin! Does America deserve less? Can America do better than Governor Sarah Palin as President? No! Governor Sarah Palin is the only clear choice for President of the United States of America. Can any Patriotic American nominate a better choice than Governor Palin? Than can I say we agree? Can anyone put forth a citizen more committed to American Idealism and American Spirit than Sarah Palin? Is there any other that we can look in the eye and see the devotion to their convictions more so than Sarah Palin?

As I was saying……

For years now I have been repeating a phrase that I heard or read years ago. It goes like this. “America is my country; May She always be right. But America is my Country; right or wrong.”

I, we, America needs a President that believes in that phrase. A President that will wake up each morning and refresh her devotion to that principle. We need a president that will acknowledge to herself that America is not and will never be perfect. That America error’s like its President and its people. But a President that looks beyond her countries errors and trespasses and sees her countries greatness, that feels her countries strength in its humanity for others. A President that believes in America and her citizens. A president that leads by her very example rather than a Failed Social Policy. Yes, America needs and deserves a President cut from the cloth of sacrifice and devotion to a principle higher and more deserving than a failed Socialistic Doctrine that enslaves those devoted to it. America deserves a President that believes in the American Spirit as earnestly as Spirited Americans believe in her. America needs and deserves a President with the strength and convictions of Sarah Palin. We need a leader President Ronald Reagan would approve of! I can name but one….

Yet another crossroad to consider…

In the year 2012 America will make a choice. Will America cease to exist as it once was? Or will America make the hard choice and elect to do the right thing and return to the principles and standards of our forefathers? Will we as a nation elect to join the world of nations in the downward spiral into the reoccurrence of Socialism and Serfdom? Or will we vote to press forward for the betterment of America and the human race in general? To vote for Obama with his Keynesian Doctrine and gradual enslavement is to vote for our own destruction. To vote for a RINO Republican is to select a slower and more gradual version of Obama’s scheme. But to elect Sarah Palin as the President of the United States would be to send a message to all that we as Americans are fighting back! That we will not surrender our heritage or our freedom without a fight. We will announce to the world that America and Americans are made of the stuff that they storied us to be made of. That we are made of the same cloth as them but of a different cut. And the world will look upon America and Americans as savages outside the norm. And the world and we as Americans will see the truth of it; that we have always been and will forever be Americans. Little understood by outsiders and understood by one another even less. And this lack of understanding of one another is what truly make each and every one of us Americans. This is the true American Spirit! This is what Governor Sarah Palin speaks of in regard to the True American Spirit. This is the exposition of her true strength. This is what Sarah possesses and America needs in abundance. And this is what the Socialist hate most of all about Sarah Plain!

Many on the far fringes of the left and right will question what a President Sarah Palin would do during America’s darkest hours during her Presidency. Would she hesitate or move too quickly? Would she freeze in inaction or jump to conclusions? But I know that a President Sarah Palin would look inwards and reflect. Sarah would weigh the pros and cons and opinions for and against. And after some thought on the matter she would ask herself; “What would President Ronald Reagan do?”

And that my fellow Americans is the single and central reason the Socialist Hate Sarah Palin!

Carry on Sarah, America Loves You! America needs You! Simper Fi!

John S Hutchinson



Dave Jenkins said...

"every Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Democrat, free thinker, hooligan and mindless reporter on the left"

John, you really ought to be more careful about that redundancy.

Pinera said...

Look this woman is the most retarded person in the world she makes up everything thinking she knows everything and if it's not true here people correct it in wikipedia

Pinera, you obviously are "making things up" (and clearly more than a little illiterate) in your criticism of Sarah Palin. Can you give me a real example ofone thing that she has made up and/or one example of a Wikipedia article that was changed to back her up.

By the way, you don't edit articles on Wikipedia, do you? Wow, that explains a lot...

Anonymous said...

So if Sara is the one the public wants – we have the power to make it happen… if she is not going to run she can be written in. But that would do three things. One – it would put her in the position of choosing what she wants or what the people want. Two – if she than chose to take the office it would cause such embarrassment to that socialist, not that I care... I would like to see that. And she would most likely be the only non-campaigning President we will ever see. Three – if the people vote her in by write-in and she refuses to take the office – the socialist will takeover and the world will be lost to socialism for good. For O is acting like an emperor now, you can bet next term he will want to make it happen.

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