What Happened to States' Rights?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A warning and a challenge, by our associate John Hutchinson:

The United States of America. We often hear and say those words but they have lost their real meaning to the vast majority of Americans. The United States of America almost became the divided states of America, for while there were many common points that united the states, there were far more points that divided the states before, during and after gaining our Independence from England. A few of the states actually printed their own currency. As for the national defense, our army and navy were disbanded for the most part after gaining our independence in 1783. There was not a lot for the federal government to govern after the War of Independence was over. And this was good.

Our Founding Fathers intended for The United States of America to have a weak central, federal government. They knew well the danger of a powerful central government. They desired that the central government be just strong enough to perform specific duties that were essential to all the states equally: to provide for the common defense, for issuance of a common currency, and for trade between states and with foreign countries. But most of the authority to govern over the citizens of this great country was left to each state. And rightfully so.

I lived in Australia for about six years and I lost count of the times I had Australians try to tell me how America really was! But it depended upon what state they had visited on a holiday here or what the BBC or the Australian news had spit out. Oh, and they also thought they knew all about America by what American TV shows they had watched. One told me America was crowded, polluted, and ugly. All he saw of America was from the freeway from the LA Airport to Disneyland. But he thought ALL of America was like that. Another went red in the face trying to convince me that the living conditions in America were terrible. Just look at the poverty and despair. The poor fellow lived in an apartment that the most down and out welfare case in America would refuse to live in, and he could not afford to turn the heater on in the winter. What each Australian could not understand was that it was the United States of America they were trying to describe! Hell, there is not a single American that can do that in a generalized way! I used to say to the Australians that they needed to think of America as the United Countries of America. The reason I used this description is that all 50 states are different! Each state has its own laws, customs and ways of doing things. In the beginning each state was like a country unto itself. And this was wonderful.

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But look at the United Stated of America today. The Federal government was by design a weak central government that possessed only the minimum power and authority required to perform essential governmental duties. But now it has grown more powerful than anyone could ever have dreamed of generations ago -- more like a nightmare. The Federal government has taken over education, housing, road and bridge construction, and many other aspects of government that the founders left to the states to decide for themselves.

Look at how the federal government is interfering with the state of Arizona in guarding their southern border and protecting their citizens. The issue does not even concern the true border with Mexico but rather how the Police and other law enforcement officers conduct themselves in the performance of their duties. The Federal government is doing all it can to derail the efforts of the State of Arizona in its efforts to protect its citizens.

The Tea Party has done a commendable job turning the tide on the Socialistic hijacking of our country. It is truly a grass roots organization that is made up of real Americans doing what is good for the country versus what is good for the individual. In America’s war against Socialism they are our front line troops. And as Sarah Palin and others of the movement can attest they are battling a determined enemy.

But Americans still need to do more! We need to open up a second front or more accurately another fifty fronts! We need to start fighting for the restoration of our state rights! This battle within each state needs to be fought in every County, Parish, City, Town and Community. Each of us can contribute a small amount. Some can contribute more, but each of us will pay for our failure or benefit from our success.

While I would never take anything away from the accomplishments of the Tea Party Patriots, I know that if we do not start today to fight for the restoration of our States Rights, the gains of the Tea Party will be eroded away. The Socialist will suffer defeat in the short term just as they always have, but return in the near future to continue the destruction of this great country. The only way to truly defeat them is by fighting them on all fronts and levels.

Do I sound like an extremist? If you think I do, then you don’t have a full understanding of how much is at stake. Parents can no longer be Fathers or Mothers but are reduced to mere providers. The school your children attend is funded and controlled by people holding powerful positions in the federal government and have agendas you would never approve of. Trillions of American tax dollars are used to buy favor or influence from unions of special interest groups and they call it stimulus or reinvestment. The crime rate is out of control due to illegal drug use that the federal government refuses to do anything about other than the minimal to contain it. Our national treasure, our Senior Citizens are imprisoned in their own homes. Tens of Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, homes, retirement and the will to soldier on, due to destructive policies of a powerful central government. I could write a book on the reasons we all need to get off the couch and start doing our fair share for America and all Americans.

Look at it this way, close and personal. Each week the federal government confiscates part of each working Americans hard earned wages though taxation. If you’re the average wage earner making the average income you are probably paying about $150.00 - $400.00 per week in taxes. What if someone came to your front door each Friday and demanded $150.00 - $400.00 each week of your income in cold hard cash? How many weeks would you be willing to open your door and wallet and fork out the money you worked hard for and your family needs? Then turn to your children and say sorry because you can’t afford to take them to the movies this weekend, just like last weekend? Be careful how you answer this question for you have been doing exactly that for years! Each and every one of us have been shelling out our income to teach men in African Tribes how to put a condom on, to teach your children that it’s OK to be homosexual or how to put a condom on a banana; You have been donating tens of billions of dollars of your income to Communist China to assist them in purchasing ozone safe refrigerators. The list is truly endless.

But what’s more dangerous, the Federal Government uses your income to hold each state hostage with the threat to withhold federal money if a state does not toe the line. This is the true danger. This is how the Socialist are assimilating the country into a united Socialistic camp. They are using our own income, our own wealth to buy, threaten and corrupt.

We need to put a stop to this rot of the American fabric. We as Americans do not need to declare war on the Socialist. They have all ready declared war on us. We need to respond to their declaration of war with a unified voice that we will not accept their destruction of our county.

I have honestly thought, how do we start? How do we launch a movement all across America? How do we get each concerned American to take action? What can be done and what must be done first? What I envision is all across America, Americans start gathering in a central place in each town. What if all across America citizens start gathered at City Hall on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM for one hour? And every Tuesday at 7:00 PM as the Citizens gathered they, started talking about their concerns for their children, community and state? That the Citizens in Mississippi turned their attention to the important subjects that concerned Mississippi and the Citizens of New Mexico did the same? And if the city government tried to prevent the meetings? Well move the meeting to another location. Start taking back the governing of our communities. Began to effect control over state legislatures. Groups in different city’s can compare notes and assist one another. State organizations can start to share ideas, planning and resources.

What can we talk about? Balanced budgets, lower taxes, less meddling by the Federal Government, what our children are being taught, fighting crime, the drug war, jobs, saving the family home, welfare and so many other subjects.

Bring the family! Bring the family dog. Bring your flags and a lawn chair. Bring coffee and something to snack on. But most importantly bring your ideas, hopes and desires. Bring your ideas for your retirement and hopes for your children’s future. And start talking, sharing, planning and organizing! Start taking back your communities and schools. Make your state yours again. Start down the road to recovery and prosperity. But start!

We need each and every one of us involved and doing our part. Perhaps you might just attend the meetings each week and never say a word. But you are there! Perhaps you will do more.

America needs you! Your state needs you. So does your community and your family. Don’t think this is going to stop now that the Republicans with the help of the Tea Party took back the house. It won’t! And it will not end when Obama is finally voted out of office in two years. The reason is that they have changed the very fabric of America. We have to change it back and the sooner the better. This battle must be fought in our own communities first. Then we can take back our states and our country.

So please pass this letter to everyone you know. If you think you can write a better letter than by all means do so and pass it around. Get a few friends to meet you this Tuesday! And the following Tuesday get a few more to attend.

About John S Hutchinson

I am a 49 year old American living in Northern California. I was born in Louisiana and spent the first few years of my life in a two room shack with no plumbing. My father was an alcoholic that could not hold down a job and when he did work he drank his paycheck. My mother would “visit” neighbors a mile or so down the country road about meal time knowing that we would be invited to join them. My mother finally fled to South Texas to escape the crushing poverty and beatings at the hands of a drunk when I was but four.

I grew up in Brownsville Texas, right on the border with Mexico. There I grew up under a different type of poverty. My brothers and I had to fight our way to school and then fight our way back home. Why? Because in the eyes of the majority of Hispanics, any white kid had to be rich. Truth be known, most of them had far more than we did. We lived in a housing project and learned firsthand that government handouts, crime, drugs and gang violence walk hand in hand.

My mother often held two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. She would work as a secretary during the day, a waitress in the evening, and do anything from cleaning houses to working as a bartender on weekends to try to get ahead. From the age of 12 or so I would count up the tips my mom earned, tally it up, roll up the coins and fill out a deposit slip for her. Then let her know how much she had and what bills were due or overdue.

I worked in the cotton and grain fields at fifty cents per hour to earn money for school clothes and perhaps a little extra. Still, most of my earnings I handed over to our mother to help out. We didn’t have reality TV back then. Hell, we lived it every day.

Then I ended up in real trouble when I was 14. I was jumped by a few gang members on the way home from a basketball game after school. I hurt one of them really bad. I ran all the way home and stayed scared for the next year and a half. No child should live in fear for their life every day. Each day was a trial to survive. I started going to school two hours early to avoid them. Then I stopped going to school all together after one too many close calls.

I left home and went to live with my grandparents back in Louisiana. Looking back now, I was a nervous wreck at the age of 15. I went to work as a carpenter’s helper. Then my mother and brothers also moved back to Louisiana. Our mother almost died from a ruptured tumor when I was 16 and I lied about my age so I could get a job on a barge as a deckhand making minimum wage. But at least I could work a lot of hours. The money was needed to pay the bills.

I remember watching President Jimmy Carter on TV in one of his fire side chats. He went on and on about how bad things were and how it is going to get a lot worse before it got better. I can still recall the sick feeling in my stomach he left me with. Shortly after that I heard an actor named Ronald Reagan on TV speaking. And I started to think for myself rather than simply going along with what I was told.

Since then I have served my country in the United States Marine Corps, finished school and started not one but two businesses. And I have never asked for assistance, a handout or help in any way.

I share this with the reader for I will get emails telling me that I am a rich white guy and I have no idea what it is like to be poor. And they are right! By today’s standards I have no idea what poverty is. The poverty I knew was crushing and overwhelming. I remember my mom standing in the yard with a 22 rifle shooting at a crane in a tree. She finally killed it and cooked it up that night. Not a lot of meat on a crane. The welfare poor today have no idea what it is like to struggle, to go hungry or to be beaten down by the humility you feel for your plight. They show no humility for they feel they are entitled to the handouts.

Today I am working as hard as I can to keep both of the businesses going till the economy recovers. I don’t have a lot of free time, but what time I can spare I spend writing articles to shed some light on what is not right in our country.

Please do pass this on to everyone you can. Or write your own letter. But please do something. Hold a meeting this Tuesday even if it is with one more person. America won her Independence with the resolve of her state militia, with her Minute Men. I feel that it is time to reactivate the state militias in the form of Minute Men and Women in communities all across this great country. And please let me know how you’re going in your community. Our founders answered to the shot heard around the world. Let us be the voice heard around the world.

Let Freedom Ring!

John S Hutchinson



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