Strategic Molotov Socialism

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

By John S Hutchinson

The Socialist and a few Republicans were handed a resounding defeat this last election. And many of the survivors are licking their wounds and looking for a rat hole to escape through. There are now three camps of survivors from the massacre. The Socialist Camp led by the Swamp Queen Pelosi and Flaky Harry in the Senate. The Republican Camp made up of RINO Republicans and then the Conservative Camp comprising of Tea Party candidates, a few Conservative Republicans and millions of pumped up supporters.

Many from the Socialist and Republican Camp say they GET IT now. But do they? I don’t think so. They are still recovering from shock. Some of the Republicans think they won a victory. They have not.

Even now some of the Republicans are looking to negotiate and find middle ground with the Socialist and that mind-numb President Obama in regard to the Bush Tax Cuts. This tells me that they just don’t get it.

The weak at-the-knee Republicans do not know who they are dealing with. They were so busy primping themselves for the camera that they failed to notice that the old Democrats are no longer around. The Zell Miller’s of the DNC have retired or been forced out. The old-school Democrats been replaced by Molotov Socialists, and they are here to play hardball while the Republicans still showing up with their net ball and POLO shirts.

What is a Molotov Socialist? One tough cookie! I named them Molotov Socialist after Vyacheslav Molotov. An Old Bolshevik of the now dead Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR. Molotov was the lead diplomat in negotiation with NAZI Germany before WWII and with the Allies after WWII. Both the NAZI’s and the Western Powers found him extremely hard to negotiate with.

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The reason is that Molotov would not budge on any issue. Nor would he propose any compromises himself. Every idea, suggestion, proposal and concession put to him by the US, England and France was answered with a loud and abrupt Nyet! (That means no for any Socialist reading this.) The English delegation invited him to a theatrical performance and even to that his reply was a cold NO.

So what happened? The Allies started caving. They started offering the USSR more and more. And still Molotov refused to even discuss the issues. When finally they agreed to give the Soviet Union EVERYTHING it wanted, then Molotov demanded additional concessions from the Allies. The Diplomatic pool was thrown into complete confusion. They were afraid Molotov would walk out of the negotiation! They couldn’t allow that to happen. So in the end they gave the Soviets everything they wanted and got nothing in return. The outcome played a huge part in setting the stage for the Cold War.

Why am I going on about all of this history? Because history has a habit of repeating itself, and it’s about to do so right now. The Socialist are about to resort to Molotov Socialism. They will fight even when there is nothing to fight over. They are not going to budge one inch on any issue. They are digging in and ready for a fight. And they won’t care if it causes distress and hardship for millions of Americans. They are Socialist and they are fighting for something more important than the average John and Jane Smith. They are striving to tear down this country and rebuild it into a Socialist Utopia. That is why the Socialist that everyone mistakes for Democrats are acting like they don’t care if they bankrupt America. They are willing to pay any price for their objectives.

SO here we are with a new Congress starting in a few weeks time. All ready the Molotov Socialist are piling the sandbags around their defenses. They are planning on bleeding the opposition dry over every issue. Even now Flaky Harry is lining up bills to get approved before the current session of Congress ends. And all ready we hear RINO’s talking about compromise for the sake of getting things done.

Can I ask just one simple questions Senator? Why would you be willing to go against your own principles of what is the right thing to do when the opposition is not willing to do the same? Are you just going to cave and end up giving the opposing side one victory after another so you won’t have to work too hard?

You Senator are willing to spend millions of dollars to get re-elected so you can vote to compromise? If you were dining in a French Restaurant tonight and the waiter dropped your plate on the floor would you say, ‘That’s OK Pierre, just shake the dirt off my steak and bring me some more gravy and that will be fine!’ I doubt it Senator! But you somehow think your constitutes should be served up half baked bills!

The Socialist Camp will be fighting using Molotov Socialism. And the only way to fight Molotov Socialism is with Die Hard Americanism! The same Americanism that made America a world leader militarily, economically, democratically, charitably and industrially. Our Troops serving America do not compromise in their service to their country so why should we as Americans be satisfied with politicians that do? And let us see which side will blink first! If it is our side, we know how to correct that in the next election! If it is the opposition, than our politicians are starting to earn their salaries.

What is going on in Washington DC and across this Nation today is not about politics as we understand it. The last two years of the Socialist controlling the House, Senate and the Whitehouse have demonstrated their plans and intent. They have shown their uncompromising hand to us and slapped this county across the face with it.


Dr B said...

I think the question on most people's minds right now is how we can possibly get the Republican Party to stop its Socialism? Nothing seems to be working, and Socialism gets more intrenched into our government day by day. Should we start a whole new party?

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