Socialist Verses Conservative Logic

Sunday, December 19, 2010

by John Hutchinson

In America today there are two polarized political groups that the vast majority fit into. One is called Conservative and the second Socialist. Both groups feel passionately about their opinions and the strongest opinion they both share is that the other camp is wrong and they are right.

But in order for either side to be right on the issues, they must have facts, events, history, and outcomes to back their opinions up. You would think that over the last fifty years this debate would have been settled several times over. It just keeps resurfacing every 15 to 20 years like a plague of some sort.

It is not just a matter of differing opinions. An often used example of differing opinions is: is the water glass half empty or half full. The optimist will say it is half full while the pessimist will counter that it is half empty. The divide that separates Socialist and Conservative mind sets is not due to a difference of opinion but rather WHAT their opinions are based upon.

The Conservative opinions are based upon the best information at the time. A Conservative will seek out information to form an opinion upon and as more information is learned is willing to alter or change their opinion based upon a better understanding of the known facts. Conservatives will often base their opinions upon a balance of what is fair to them and to others. Most Conservatives are satisfied with a general sense of balance between everyone involved. In the majority of cases Conservatives will defend their opinion based upon the information that helped them form it. More often than not, a Conservative will try to convince others that their opinion is correct but will not try to force their opinion on others. Conservatives also base opinions and beliefs on financial matters based upon a balance between spending and incomes. They will want to know where the money is derived from, is the cost justified, what the outcome will be. And finally, Conservatives tend to look upon what is best for their nation, state or community before their own desires. They for the most part feel that what is best for the country will in the end serve them the best. In general a Conservative’s opinion will be supported by as many pillars of fact as he or she can obtain. They are financial, statistical, historical, constitutional, legal and a sense of fairness.

The Socialist opinions are based upon desires to have something a certain way. They typically form an opinion first and then attempt to find the information to support their opinion and will ignore information that counters that opinion. Once a Socialist forms an opinion they rarely are willing to change it. If and when they do change it, it is often the same opinion only more radicalized.  Socialists rarely are willing to look at what is fair to others in regard to their desires and opinions. They seldom give thought or show concern that their opinions do not allow for the concerns of others and show no desire for a balance of what is fare. A Socialist will defend their opinions by attacking others with belligerent attitudes, personal attacks, insults and foul language. They will often take the debate off the subject matter in an attempt to get the conversation off the main topic. They will counter facts presented by their opponent with accusations that the other does not care, has no compassion or is a racist, homophobe, hate monger or worse. Concerning the vast majority of subjects, Socialists give no thought to the financial bases of their opinions and beliefs. Often the Socialist will counter concerns of the financial cost of their opinions and desires with accusations that the opposition does not care and lacks compassion. When attempting to convince others of their opinions they rely heavily on attacking the opposing views while presenting little or no facts to support their opinions. Often they will become belligerent and animated when confronted with someone of opposing views or simply refuses to follow along.  In general a Socialist bases his or her opinions or desires with little in the way of facts to support them. They do not attempt to balance their opinions with more than one string of information. And they base their opinions on what is best for themselves or their special interest group verse what is good for the nation or majority first.

In General

    A Conservative’s opinions and desires are based upon facts and what is fair in general to all.

    A Socialist’s opinions and desires are based upon a sense of want and entitlement for themselves or their special interest group.


Environmental Concerns

    Most Conservatives are concerned for the environment.  They do their part to protect it. Examples include not littering, conserving materials, maintaining their cars to save fuel, not wasting electricity and many other considerations.

    Most Socialist throw trash out their car windows, waste resources when they do not own them, trash public places but they do riot to protect the earth and demand billions and trillion be spent to protect the Earth from unknown and un-quantified threats.


    Conservatives as a whole support the funding of public education. But they expect results and accountability. They fell too much money is being spent on education with little to show for it. They also want the funds to be spend on the basics, not alternate lifestyles, how to be a Muslim or all the other special requirements. Conservatives what to know if their children are failing or not and at what level they are obtaining.

    Socialist want education with no accountability. If the school is failing the children their answer is more money and no changes in accountability. They want outcome based education verses the basic education. They demand an environment where all the children are achievers and no child achieves higher than the rest.


    Conservatives want economical and environmentally responsible energy. They want all means of generating electricity accessed and developed. But they want each resource regardless if it is nuclear, solar, petroleum, wind, tidal, coal or natural gas to be financially feasible. They believe each resource will come into its own as technology provides new means to develop and put into production the improve means to produce ever cleaner electricity.

    Socialist want to shut down all nuclear, coal and petroleum power plants. They demand a rapid change to solar, wind and tidal when the technology for these industries are still being developed and the means of distribution are not even in place. In some states they have even got the government fining people for heating their homes with wood heaters on Spare the Air days! Their opinions and desires allow no allowance for financial considerations or the financial impact on others or the country.

Personal Lifestyles

    Conservative are strong believers and defenders of Individual Rights of each person. That each person has the right to do as he or she pleases as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. And that each person’s personal lifestyle should remain personal.

    Socialist demand not only personal freedoms for everyone but that the government acknowledge and in some cases financially support certain lifestyles. But in doing so they abuse their rights for they exercise their right while trespassing on the right of others. Socialist demand respect for their lifestyle of choice while at the same time attacking the lifestyles of others for no reason other than to cause humiliation.


    Conservatives are for the most part financially responsible people who expect their government to also be financially responsible. They tend to budget and try to live within their means.

    Socialists tend to be financially irresponsible and irrational in their spending. They tend to live for today and not budget. A large percentage of them are on welfare and have a very poor sense of responsibility. They also largely feel the government is not doing enough for them and express dismay as to why the government can’t simply pass out more money.


    Conservatives in the vast majority have a strong sense of patriotism and love for America. They know its history and value how rare the American Way of life is in the world. They honor our military personnel, stand for the National Anthem and take pride in performing their civic duties large and small.

    Socialist seldom display any sense of patriotism. Many of them will go out of their way to show their displeasure and hate for America. Many of them feel cheated by the American Way of life for they did not get everything they expected out of the American Dream.

We are all born Socialist. From our first thoughts we base our desires on what we want or need. Later we base our wants on what we are surrounded by and a desire to experience it. As we mature some of us develop a sense of responsibility and quest for knowledge so that we can understand why we want certain things a certain way. These are the first Conservative thoughts. We start thinking outside our own little world. Some of us continue to think only for ourselves with no concern for anything beyond that. Later we rebel against anything and anybody that counters what we feel belongs to us or denies us what we want. We do not seek out knowledge to help us understand what we think we know. Rather we know what we want and we only except information that supports it and refuse knowledge that counter it. This is the path a future Socialist takes.

A Conservative reasons thing out. A Socialist simply demands.

The difference between Conservatives and Socialist is not simply a difference of opinions but on a broader context a difference in mental maturity.

John S Hutchinson
Cell 415-297-9983


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