Countering Socialist Propaganda

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

John S Hutchinson

The resolve of the Conservative Movement within America will soon be challenged like no other time in its history. We are now less than two years from the single most important event in our history since the signing of The Declaration of Independence. The election of 2012 will decide if America will remain a Democratic and free society or take the road of Socialism that is littered with the bones of failed social engineering and shattered lives of hundreds of millions of people since the guillotine was ushered onto the center stage of the French Revolution two hundred years ago.

Over the last thirty years, the Conservative Movement of America has been fighting skirmishes with the Socialist Left. While Conservatives have won some of the skirmishes, we have been losing the war to attrition and the propaganda of the Left.

And while we may justifiably blame the Left for intentional disinformation the body of responsibility is ours. We have let them twist the truth and suppress it. We have failed to understand that they play by a different set of rules than we do. While they understand our rules, we have not even begun to try to understand theirs. And we had better do it soon.

We allow the left to form the body of the debates with phrases rather than substance. They freely use terms like compassion, caring, fairness, hope, change, hope we can believe in, justice, equality and freedom in their attacks upon the Right and there is no Conservative voice calling them out on it. Where does ‘Hope’ fit in a discussion concerning balancing the budget or reducing the tax burden on working Americans? Rather than allowing them to throw terms like compassion and caring around to grab the higher moral ground why do we not ask them to do more than just talk about compassion and caring and create legislation that provides opportunity for everyone to progress and succeed? Would that not be more compassionate than simply doling out more welfare?

And what is Justice and Equality? Why does the Left have a monopoly on it? If the Left is going to demand Justice and Equality for certain segments of our population, can’t the Conservatives counter just as loudly that we are for justice and equality for all Americans? Would not we then have the higher moral ground? Yet we fail to act upon it! How can we allow them to speak of justice and equality in an unjustified and unequal way? Somehow we find a way to allow them to get away with it.

One of the main reasons I feel that the Conservative Movement fails to take the offensive is that we have allowed ourselves to become tone deaf to their rhetoric and propaganda. We tune it out and brush it off because we are tired of hearing it. But in doing so we allow them to turn their propaganda into a half-truth. And a half-truth presented to the ignorant becomes the whole truth when there is no opposing view presented to them.

The propaganda of the Left has been extremely successful in demonizing the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party as the party of the rich. But who can blame them? No one on the Right will point out that the Democratic Party is stacked with some of the richest people in the world including the well connected and powerful. Could we not point out that the Democrats and their supporters support by a large degree legislation that channels billions into their wealthy supporters pockets while spoon feeding their followers with entitlements and make work programs? It would not take much to turn this argument around and have them looking for a table to hide under.

Vladimir Lenin was legendary in his ability to move the masses with a few simple words with no truth to them. He simply told the masses what they wanted to hear. He stated often that the truth is whatever we want it to be and the end justifies the means. In other words, lie all you need to and the end results will make the lie a truth. Lenin was a master at propaganda and led a revolution that would result the deaths of over 100 million people worldwide.

What we need is to start countering them on every single issue when they are simply manipulating public opinion with pure propaganda and half-truths. They need to be called to task for it for each occurrence. Single them out for their remarks and hound them on it until they retract or clarify. When you have the Speaker of the House state that they have to pass a trillion dollar health care bill that she tabled so you can learn what is in it and no one slams her fingers in a door jamb over it, we have a very serious problem! That was not a half-truth by the third most powerful political leader in the nation, that was an outright lie. And to date she has not had to answer for it.

We can fight them and we can win. We have facts, statistical data, historical facts and real hope and change through sound management of government not just a feel good slogan and more entitlements.

But we need real leadership. We need to lose the blue suit image and gain the hard working blue-collar working American image. An American with some weight to his or her words. We need leadership that will take the fight to the other side and fight to win.

President Ronald Reagan provided that sort of leadership. He called them out and labeled them what they were. He called the evil empire what it was and brought the mad dog of the Middle East to heel. He also gained the following of many Democrats. Many of them were union workers, blue-collar hard working Americans that voted Democrat all their lives. But they saw real leadership and real truth in the words and deeds of President Reagan. President Reagan demonstrated real leadership.

And that is what we need today. We need a real strong and powerful voice on the Conservative side. Someone that will expose the half-truths of the propaganda machine of the Left.  For if we can expose the half-truths for what they really are, that being half-lies, than we can pull down the propaganda machine and start turning America around. For without their propaganda machine churning out half-truths and half-lies the Socialist on the Left have nothing to fight with.

Simper Fi America!


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Keep up the good work!

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