Abortion vs. Parental Rights: Destroying the Socialistic Agenda

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Regardless of your opinion of Abortion consider this one critical issue.

The Left champions a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion regardless of the circumstances or the development of the unborn. It is after all her body, her right to chose. What business is it of the governments what she does with her body? It’s her child if she decides to give birth. And all the way the Left champions this right for a woman to decide her unborn child’s fate. Let us for a moment accept this opinion from the left for serious consideration. It is her body after all. She is the property owner so to speak. Possession is nine tenths of the law. What right does the government have to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body or with her child regardless if it is in the first or third trimester or a junior in high school?

So if this is the stance of the Left on this issue why is it that the Left Socialist feels the government has the right and according to Michelle Obama an obligation to step between parents and their children and attempt to control every aspect of the parent raising the very child the mother brought into the world. They feel you have no right as a parent to be a parent. They want to tell you what to feed them, not to discipline the child, how to educate them and every other aspect of the parent-child experience. The parent has been reduced in many ways to the role of a care giver only.

Can you see the dysfunction of one political movement standing on both these issues concurrently? In one breath the Socialist Left champions the right of a parent to decide life and death over an unborn child and in the next they want to protect the child from the same parent. Arrest the parent for using corporal punishment. Tell the parent when to feed the child. What school to send them to. What the child will be taught and thereby control what the child will think.

And when you combine both these stances of the left into one expression what is the end result? That you can kill your child before it is born but don’t discipline them in any way. Just be a care giver for the child and the government will do the rest. Don’t raise your child as a free thinking individual, the government will guide your child through the simulation process so they fit into society according to the planning commission. What is next? Will the government take over naming the children as well? But if you wish to end their life prematurely than by all means go right ahead. We will defend your right to do so! We will even provide tax payer funds to pay for it!

So here we have one political movement, the Socialistic Movement supporting both ends of a vital social concern. Can you see the insanity of this? Insisting that you have the right to kill a child but not to spank them?

The Socialist Camp over the last fifty years or so has done a great job of identifying their priorities and building platforms to work from. In this example they have even managed to take control of both ends of one of the most critical matters to most Americans: the birth, care and parenting of their children.

If the Conservative Movement is going to defeat the Socialist in 2012 we must start shedding light on this and many other issues. We must demonstrate the absurdity of the Socialist supporting both ends of a critical issue but not the middle of it. The middle of this issue is the Parent & Child Relationship. That part is being ripped to pieces by the Left.

We must expose the Left’s Absurdity. But how can this be done? By hammering on the insanity of it all. By pointing out that no one or party can legitimately support both ends of the spectrum of a subject and have any credibility. It is the Conservative movement that must attack on these issues. The Socialist have had the upper hand for decades now and it is time to start fighting for the high ground.
The Left’s platform is built on Propaganda that is based upon half-truths and lies. We must start shedding light on them rather than simply ignoring them. We have been ignoring them for fifty years and they are not going away but only getting bigger.
Lets fight the good fight, our future generations deserve something better.

John S Hutchinson



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