Why California Lost Big This Election

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In an article by Steven Baldwin, a hard-hitting syndicated radio talk show host in the San Diego area, there are ten good reason why California missed out on the Tea Party Revolution that rolled across the United States last Tuesday.

Even states like Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Florida and others heard the message that has been sent over the past eighteen months that we've had enough. Enough of the over-reach of the Federal government into our personal lives. Enough of over-spending with our tax dollars. Enough of the assaults on our Constitution.

But California missed that message. California elected dozens of hard left candidates and removed the 2/3 vote in the Legislature that protected us from out of control budgets. California will pay a huge price for this down the road.

Here are the reasons that Steven Baldwin believes are the chief ones:

#1 - The Unions totally control this state unlike any other state. The Assembly Democrat Caucus outspent the Republican Assembly Caucus 8 - 1 and 80% of the Democrat money came from unions. No other special interest group has this level of power and money. On the other hand Republicans have to raise their money from voluntary sources.

#2 - The business world supports the Democrats. Most of us didn't realize this, but every single business PAC in California, except for three, gave more money to the Dems than to the Reps. Why? Because they feel the Dems are in power indefinitely and want access in order to protect their industry from bad legislation. Unfortunately, the alligators will eventually eat them as well.

#3 - The State GOP Leadership is incompetent and should all resign. If we are losing seats in the biggest election year for Republicans and Conservatives in 100 years, there's a problem with the candidates that they are putting out there for us to vote on. They're not listening to the voice of their people.

#4 - The Tea Party movement is not yet effective in California. Unfortunately, California is carried by San Francisco and Los Angeles. Without inroads in those two areas, we will never move California back to the prosperous state that it once was.

#5 - Voter fraud is alive and well in California. ACORN has reconstituted itself under new names. They are active all over California and seem to have no fear of the authorities. ACORN chapters engaged in massive fraud in San Diego and elsewhere and no one ever even investigated their activities despite pleas from local officials. It is estimated that there were at least 50,000 fraudulent voters registered to vote in San Diego County. Most likely it would be ten times that statewide.

#6 - Obama ignored our military voters. The Obama Administration refused to enforce federal law that requires states to develop a plan to get ballots out to military veterans in a timely fashion. As a result, hundreds of thousands of military personnel based here in California were unable to vote.

#7 - California public schools teach progressive values. Schools are no longer teaching the student about our American history and founding. They are no longer taught the Constitution and its values. Instead, they are taught morals and values that usurp that of the family. They've lost sight of the three R's.

#8 - California culture has diluted the intellect of our voters. More than any other state, California is saturated with the Hollywood entertainment culture. The average Californian knows more about Snooky and other reality shows than they do their own government. Our obsession with Hollywood has created a generation that is shallow and does not seem to care about anything but the next thrill or show plot.

#9 - The Left has targeted Hispanics for indoctrination. There are scores of leftist groups in California that target Hispanics for indoctrination. They perpetrate myths about the Republican Party that have little to do with reality. They believe that we are only for the rich and not for the hard working individual of this state. The Left loves to exploit immigrants for their own political gain.

#10 - Arnold Schwarzenegger proved there's no distinction from Republicans and Democrats and Whitman's views didn't help either. Our current governor embraced many tenants of the left, thereby undermining the reputation of his own party in California. Whitman's support of Schwarzenegger's liberal views on global warming, abortion funding, gay rights, etc. confirmed for many voters that the Republican Party was no longer (and hasn't been for a long time) a conservative party.

Can California ever be turned around?

We definitely have our work cut out for us, but I believe that we can. We didn't get here overnight and we won't get out overnight. I also believe that if we take each of Steve Baldwin's reasons, there are things that we can and should do over the next two years.

Here are my suggestions:

#1 - Dealing with the unions. A "Pay-check Protection" initiative needs to pass in order to disrupt the union money machine. We tried this year, but were so new and not yet organized, it didn't make the ballot. I believe that we can do this again and this time, it will get on the ballot.

#2 -
Business supporting the Dems. We need to get involved with businesses and their PACS and encourage them to put their principles first and support pro-business candidates. If we can do that, we can turn California around.

#3 - Central Committees. We need to get our local Tea Party Patriots on our local Central Committees to help set policy for choosing candidates. With TPP individuals involved in these committees, we can see to it that true conservative candidates are put on the ballot.

A word of caution however. We cannot become part of the GOP, we need the GOP to become Tea Party Patriots. That is a true area of concern.
We in no way want to be identified as Republicans.

#4 - Making an impact in California. Tea Party Patriots need to seek out conservative individuals and work with them to run for offices. We need to learn how to draft solid candidates and help them get involved with campaign schools that are run by Tea Party Patriots.

We also need to help those that live in those areas that we term "The belly of the beast" and help them launch groups. We need to back them and support them and be ready to intervene for them as they make that decision.

#5 - Dealing with voter fraud. To get rid of voter fraud, we need to draft legislation that would require identification when registering to vote as well as when going to the polls.

Another step we need to take is during voting, TPP need to be poll watchers.

#6 - Protecting our military. We need to support our military to see to it that they have their opportunity to vote. Of all the voters, they need to be protected. Prior to the election, the CA TPP leadership were working with our local legislators making sure that our men and women received their ballots.

Pacific Justice Institute has taken the charge for us as well and we all need to contact our legislators when the new session begins and demand that they have checks in place to protect our military.

#7 - Getting involved on the local level of government. It is imperative that we get our members on local school boards. NorCal had the County Board of Registrars come and speak to our group prior to the deadline for filing to run for local offices. After that meeting, we had 17 go and sign up to run for local positions that were open. We got several on local school boards, the water districts and even city councils. We need to accelerate this effort in the next two years.

#8 - Our Hollywood culture. As for the Hollywood culture penetrating our society, that begins with the homes and family. It can be influenced by us as we set an example for them to follow. Be your own person. Think for yourself. Move away from the TV and do your own research to understand why you believe what you believe.

#9 -
Getting the Hispanics along side. So many Hispanics have true core values that are in alignment with ours. We need to give them opportunities to speak whenever possible. Beyond that, we need to encourage, equip and support those individuals to go into their communities to educate their voters and to start their own Tea Party Patriots group.

#10 - Combating the role of the Republican Party vs. the Tea Party Patriots. We need to realize that not all TPP candidates won their election. We have been criticized in the media for that saying that the Republicans didn't get control of the Senate by supporting conservatives. They say that we could have had even more seats in the House if we hadn't nominated a TPP candidate. I disagree with that.

I admire those who didn't win as much as those who did for standing on principle and not compromising just to get elected. I might point out that those so-called "moderate" candidates, like Meg Whitman, were soundly defeated because there is not much difference in the two.

Let's send a message that we want Conservatives running for office to represent us in Congress and not those who are willing to compromise the values and principles of our Constitution.

It will take a lot to turn around California but we can do it. We can't if we quit or get discouraged. We can't if we think that we need to compromise on our core values. We can't if we think that the Republican Party is the answer to our problems.

Ginny Rapini
NorCal Tea Party Patriots Coordinator

California State Advisor
Sacramento Tea Party Patriot Coordinator
P.O. Box 236
Colfax, CA 95713
(530) 389-2464


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