Voters Guide To California 2010: NO for Judge Moreno

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye- NO- Nominated by Gov. Backstabber, Tani gets the full support of radical liberal media like SFGate as a "moderate Republican." Liberal Maxine Waters doesn't like her, so that's something she has going for her, but I can't find any rulings from her anywhere. Better safe than sorry.

Ming W. Chin- YES- Voted to uphold proposition 8 against gay marriage.

Carlos R. Moreno- NO- Voted to legalize gay marriage in 2008 and against proposition 8. For the others, I'm just going to do the opposite of Maxine Waters' recommendations.

YES: Robert Mallano, Tricia A. Bigelow, Victoria G. Chaney, Walter Croskey, Steven Suzukawa, Orville “Jack” Armstrong, Paul M. Coffee, Frank Y. Jackson, Elizabeth Annette Grimes.

NO: Jeffrey W. Johnson, Judith M. Ashmann, Steven Z. Perren, Laurie D. Zelon.

Proposition 19- NO- Everyone has strong opinions on the marijuana law...

Proposition 20- NO- Changes to redistricting procedures tend to end bad. This will relinquish democratic control from voters to unelected representatives.

Proposition 21- NO- No new taxes to save the guppy fish... environmentalist nonsense.

Proposition 22- YES- Liberal California Progress report opposes it because it would "protect local government redevelopment agencies—at the expense of other state priorities like health care."

Proposition 23- YES- At the very least suspend phony global warming laws that hurt our economy.

Proposition 24- NO- Liberal California Propgress report opposes this because it "maintains corporate taxes at the same level it has been, rather than allowing special interest tax break of over a billion-and-a-half dollars go into effect." It would prevent lower taxes for small business.

Proposition 25- NO- This makes the Democrat agenda much much easier in Congress by lowering the majority to pass anything.

Proposition 26- YES- Makes it harder to add extra fees and taxes on citizens and businesses.

Proposition 27- NO- The Democrats, George Soros, teachers unions, etc. all support this. Again, voters need to have some control of redistricting but they also need to be checked by a commission.


Anonymous said...

Rainbow Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cura_te_ipsum said...

What?! Ming Chin should have been a NO!

Anonymous said...

If you voted NO on 27, you should have voted YES on 20

cura_te_ipsum said...

Newsflash 11/15/10. Justice Ming Chin, who you said YES to, just led the court in making sure that illegal immigrants get in-state tuition.

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