Horror Stories Of TSA Groping At Airports

Friday, November 12, 2010


A passenger named Barbara wrote to WND: "Coming directly from a 2-week hospital stay, arriving in a wheelchair, unable to walk or stand, and just less than 2 hours out of the hospital, I was met by the 'security' folks who seemed angered that I couldn't walk through their scan. Instead, in front of everyone, I was groped like a rapist might attack a victim. The probing certainly did not help alleviate the intense pain I had when I arrived at the airport. Shameful and inconsiderate behavior, totally inexcusable! I am an 84-year-old white female, 4'10", 110 lbs. and don't look like a terrorist or a terrorist's companion !!!!!! What happened to common sense???"

Another passenger, David, told WND he traveled to attend a sister's funeral in Los Angeles and found the security procedures at LAX "like a racist homosexual grope fest."

"This screener made me turn all my pockets inside out, patted me down four times, being particularly attentive to my crotch and butt. I asked him if he just wanted me to strip down naked and he said go ahead. My wife then approached a nearby sheriff, who brought these violations of my privacy, and person, to a halt," said the passenger, who described himself as a "middle class white guy."

"Oh yeah, it took him half an hour to maul me, misplaced my boarding pass, and almost made me miss my flight. Security is one thing, but a license to molest people is another," he said...

Another woman wrote...

Finally, a Delta agent checked again for me and said, "Yes, there is a flight I can put you on, but it leaves in 5 minutes, here is your ticket and boarding pass, RUN." So I did and [he] came with me. He told the situation to the first TSA agent and there weren't many people in that line, so I moved quickly up to the security check. A man, was scanning my OVERNIGHT bag (no big luggage at all) and my purse and motioning me through. A big stern-looking African American woman stopped him and said that she needed to pat me down, wan[d] me, go through my luggage, etc. The other TSA man told her that my flight was about to leave and that he knew that my purse and bag were fine. I was wearing open flip-flops, a cotton skirt and a t-shirt. I am as American looking as apple-pie! Then my nightmare started. She had me spread my legs and she SLOWLY frisked me. Then I said, "Can I go now, my flight is so important to me, I'm attending a funeral?" That made her furious. She informed me that I was NOT co-operating with her and that she was IN CHARGE, and that crying (I was sobbing) would not do me any good at all with her. The other TSA officer begged her to let me catch my flight, … she blew him off.

The result was that the woman, Lana, missed her flight and the funeral.

Margaret, who endured a "pat-down" in Chicago, wrote, "This entire thing is bull----; assault and battery by a goon, or naked pictures. That's now the choice? What has happened to this country?"....

"All seemed to be fine. But the TSA employee asked me to step aside to the table. She needed to see what was in the carry-on. I knew there couldn't be anything suspicious in the bag, so I thought this was just a 'random' thing. (And we all know how many terrorists have been caught by 'random' screenings). But, no, it wasn't random at all. The screener at the belt saw something in the bag he 'didn't like,'" she told WND.

"My trip had been to Wisconsin. While there I had purchased eight pounds of fudge at a fudge shop. It was packaged in eight-one pound boxes. The boxes fit snugly in the bottom of the carry-on. … The TSA employee asked me to empty the contents on to the table and open up each and every one of the boxes. I tried to tell her it was just fudge. But, she was the almighty TSA, not to be denied. They have all that power and, OH, how they love to use it. She then called yet another TSA person over to examine the 'contraband.' By this time I'm sure she realized it was just what I said it was – fudge. But she had to justify herself. I was expecting a SWAT team, with automatic weapons to swoop down on me at any time. (I'm not sure, but I thought I heard the strains of 'Valkyrie' in the background.) Also, by this time, the aroma of fudge could be smelled throughout the terminal. Finally, they all agreed it was just fudge," she said."

-World Net Daily


Anonymous said...

This is a difficult issue. When I'm on a plane I want the comfort of knowing everybody else got searched, yet I don't want to be subjected to it myself. It is a major invasion of privacy, but if it saves one plane of people, then it should be worth it I guess. Once again we give up freedom for perceived safety.

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