Why the Poor Should Be Worried About This Election

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I was shocked today to learn that my own brother was contemplating sitting out this election. I hope everyone realizes that the future of our country depends on this election, and the election depends on voter turnout. If more conservatives come to the polls than liberals, we win! If too many stay home, then we get more of the same tax and spend and destroy.

John Hutchinson on why the poor should be especially concerned about the outcome of this election:

There is a lot riding on the election results that are now just a few days away. Everyone has a lot to lose or perhaps gain from this election. Across America there are tens of thousands of businesses that are holding on by a thread. They are counting on a new course for our country being charted that will give them at minimum a slim chance to survive. And there are tens of millions of Americans that are out of work, and simply a nervous wreck not knowing if they will lose their jobs any day now. All have so much to lose.

But there is another group that has far more to lose than all the rest. They are the poor amongst us all. Most of them voted for Obama and most of the Democrats. For when you’re down and out you will warm to anyone that tells you what you want to hear. It is hard to listen to the truth when the truth hurts. It is easy to listen to a rant of propaganda blaming all your ills on others and a promise to punish others by taking some of what they have away from them and giving it to you. They give you what you need. Someone else to blame for all that you do not have. They also give you a reason to hate the very same people who they take from in order to provide for you.

Currently the ranks of the poor are swelling with millions who have lost all that they worked a life time for. About once a week there is a car or a beat up camper trailer parked in the industrial complex where I work. And there are families in the vehicles. Husbands, wives and children. They do not look you in the eye in passing like the poor that has been on welfare for years. Rather they turn away or look down. The looks on their faces project utter depredation and despair. These people, only a short time ago were productive members of our society. They had homes, retirement accounts, children in college and dreams of the future. Now they resemble the walking dead. They have lost everything. And to see them and realize how close we all are to their plight will make anyone shudder.

As for the poor that voted for Obama and the Democrats they have had up until now little to worry about. But that is about to change. The country is now broke. Well to be accurate about it we are passed broke. And with millions more Americans swelling the poverty numbers there is now a desperate need to care for millions more at a time when the financial resources are fast drying up.

California just passed a budget with real cuts to the families with children. And there will soon come a time when other states and the federal government will be forced to cut back the funding for welfare and at the same time provide more assistance to millions more.

So why should the poor be worried? Because for the first time since President Johnson started robbing Peter to pay Paul your liable to get a decrease in welfare payments. If you’re on welfare, or any other government assistance program, than you are no longer the poorest amongst us. There is a new class of poor in town now.

The same people who only a short time ago were paying taxes to provide the funds for your welfare are now poorer than you are and in greater need than you. You now have so much to lose! And it doesn’t matter who wins the election next week. The dye is in the wool and no one can turn it around fast enough. But that is not all the bad news. Inflation is about to jump into hyper-drive! That means you’re going to be facing a reduction in the welfare you receive just when the cost of everything starts to increase dramatically. Hey, at least you now know how the rest of us feel.

So what can you do about it? You can start by helping all of us vote out of office the people that caused this. Namely the vast majority of Democrats and a few Republicans! This will at least help to put a stop to the destructive policies of tax and spend and tax some more. Help us to start reversing the self destructive policies while we still have some chance of actually doing so.

And if you don’t agree? You have every right to. But consider this. If the people who only yesterday were proving the tax base to provide your welfare are now poorer than you are today where do you think the government will get its revenue from tomorrow? Bingo! Might be a good idea to start reducing your discretionary spending. You know, cable TV, cell phones, video rentals, eating out, custom wheels and McDonalds! After all, you can’t have it your way for very much longer.

And for anyone reading this who thinks I am being mean spirited and hurtful let me add this. I grew up dirt poor. I worked the cotton and grain fields of South Texas to earn money for my school clothes. I lived in a public housing complex where I watched others on welfare use the funds intended to feed their children to shoot death into their veins. I know how powerful and addictive a drug welfare is. I grew up in that nightmare and had to fight my way out of it. I know that the system rewards the lazy and punishes the self reliant. So don’t email me to tell me I don’t know what it’s like because I lived it. And I worked hard to overcame the destructive effects of it.

So if you’re on welfare and don’t want to lose your benefits than you need to start thinking about providing something back to the very people who have provided assistance to you all their working lives. All I am asking you to do is help us do what must be done to get America on track again.

All you have to do is vote for what is right for all of America. Not just what is right for you! It is time for the poor to do their fare share and to do so now! For if we cannot turn America around millions of us will be joining you at your government funded dinner table.

John S Hutchinson



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