Three Reasons to Vote on Tues

Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you or someone you know are thinking of sitting this election out, consider these points:

1. Rising Cost of Healthcare Thanks to Democrat-passed Obamacare

Democrats in congress thought it prudent to vote with Obama, rather than the will of the American people. We are just starting to see the effects of this monstrosity of a bill that no one took the time to read before passing. Just as we feared, it includes new taxes on middle-class working families, provides federal tax funds to pay for abortions, and is causing millions of families to either have their premiums raised, or lose their plans altogether. Be sure to vote for conservatives who will repeal this debacle of a bill before more damage is done!

2. Stimulus Funds Went to Enlarging Federal Government, Not Creating Jobs in the Economy

Obama and congressional democrats flat-out lied to the American people when they claimed that they passed multi-trillion dollar stimulus packages this year and last to save jobs and help the economy recover. We are now learning that they never really intended to help anyone but themselves solidify their power base in Washington D.C. Buying up American car companies bought Democrats the goodwill of the automaker's unions, pumping billions of dollars into their bloated pensions at the expense of millions of American's 401k programs. Millions more were used to pay off teacher's unions, SEIU and pork-barrel projects in Democrat-controlled districts to increase their likelihood of reelection. And who will pay for this unbelievable Democrat spending spree? Future generations...our kids and our retirement savings.

3. Anti-business, Pro-bureaucratic Democrats Have Kept Economy Down, While Giving Themselves Raises

Both fortunately and unfortunately, elections do have severe consequences. Americans voted into office a man who not only did not have a bit of experience running any kinds of enterprise whatsoever (not to mention one that need to keep a balanced budget), but he hardly even had any experience in government! He brought into his administration tax-cheats, child-sex promoters, communists and above all capitalism haters to decide the policies he would use. It should be no surprise that our economy has sunken into Great Depression status with real unemployment hovering around 17%. The cushioning of ideological elitism has prevented Obama and his team from realizing what is common sense to anyone who has run a business: If you confiscate money from business and give it away to people who are not working, the companies will hire less people and invest less money into the economy. Then people will lose jobs and the economy will shrink. Then if you take more money, businesses will shrink even more and even more people will be out of a job. The proven way to pull out of a recession is to let companies keep more of their money. Not only will they then give more people jobs and people will invest more money into the market, but profits will skyrocket and even more money will be collected in taxes to be used to relieve those still out of work.

This is a crucial election. We have the opportunity to stop Washington's reckless tax-and-spend streak that is keeping millions unemployed while wasting billions on politics and bureaucracy. We want out jobs back! We want our schools back! We want control over our our healthcare plans back!

Be sure to vote for Fiscal conservatives on Nov 2!


Euripides said...

We'll need more than a bunch of Republicans in Congress to affect real change, but the Tea Party's gotten enough folks shaken up, maybe some of them will start to act more responsibly.

We can always hope for real change....

Anonymous said...

If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about the government.

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