Socialists Attend 10/2 Rally in DC, Try to Copy Glenn Beck Rally

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A "sparse crowd" (AP) of anti-Tea Party activists, bussed in by liberal unions and civil rights associations gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in a sad attempt to give a "me too!" rally in response to the "Restoring Honor" rally hosted by Glenn Beck on 8/28, attended by 600,000 conservatives.

Some liberal TV newsman (no one ever remembers his name) gave a speech declaring "We must fight the forces of evil -- conservatives!" Liberal moonbat Harry Bellafonte (yes, of "Day-oh! fame) managed to accuse Tea Party members of trying to overthrow the Constitution: "At the vanguard of this insidious attack is the Tea Party. This band of misguided citizens is moving perilously close to achieving villainous ends.

All in all, there was lots of good marxist fun to be had.

UPDATE: Video of 10.2 protesters chanting “Obama ain’t no socialist. We are! We are!”

UPDATE: As with every liberal rally, let's look at the tons of garbage left behind by the tiny, insignifanct crowd. Compare.


Anonymous said...

Socialism is the most addictive drug in the world. Once you try it the average human wants more and more. Just look at the French. But like any drug its effects are overshadowed by the negative effects that last far longer and tax the mind, spirit and body.

The first thing Socialism does to its victums is blind them. It blinds them to what they could have or could be beyond Socialism. It makes them believe that they can obtain what they desire with minimum or no sacrafice at all.

And as they become addictive to its effects it makes them hate everything and everyone that hinders or limits them from getting an ever increasing injection of it.

Socialism in Cambodia, Viet Nam or North Korea means two meals of rice and a public bus that passes through the village twice a week. Socialism in the USA is free university, housing, utilities, food, clothing, medical health care and XBox players.

If you see a Socialist at a rally carrying a sign ask him or her if they are a true Socialist. If they say they are ask them to share their sign with you by tearing it in half and giving you half of it including the wooden stick it is on. If they refure to do so than tell then they are not a Socialist at all for a true Socialist would share equally with another. That means they are nothing more than an opportunist looking for a free ride and they are guilty of the very same things they accuse all of us Capitalist of

John Hutchinson

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