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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ronald Reagan perfectly described the liberal mind when he said: "We have so many people who can't see a fat man standing beside a thin one without coming to the conclusion that the fat man got that way by taking advantage of the thin one!" Too many people today are completely ignorant to the fact that it is those rich men and women who keep our society afloat by giving everyone else a job. Have you ever heard of a poor man who gave someone a job?

Once again, our guest contributor John Hutchinson:

President Obama and the Socialistic Congress have declared war on the Wealthy Citizens of this country. Obama, Pelosi, and Reed have blamed the wealthy of our country for everything from high unemployment, an inverted economy, not creating jobs and everything else under the sun! I for one am sick and tired of it. These mental midgets in power need a fall guy to blame their stupidity on. You want to blame someone for the current economical disaster than start with the very people who have pulled trillions of dollars out of the economy in order to stimulate the economy. I know that last sentence makes no sense but neither does the action it describes!

Former President George W Bush has been beat to death and blamed for everything several times over by his successor. Now in order to whip up enthusiasm from his supporters he is attacking the wealthy with increasing frequency. He rants about the wealthy paying their fair share and doing what is right.

Mr. President they are paying more than their fair share and they did do what was right. That is how the vast majority of them became rich in the first place! If you want to go after wealthy people who became wealthy doing the wrong thing I suggest you visit a few of your big contributors and the Kennedy Family.

If the wealthy gained their wealth illegally let the IRS handle the matter. We don’t need you declaring war on them nightly.

I myself am not a wealthy person. I would like to be. But currently I like most citizens I am simply trying to make it from one day to the next thanks to the idiotic way Obama and Co are running things. And like most I really don’t know where or how I will be one year from now. So don’t think I am writing this article sitting on top of a few million.

The wealthy in this country are the backbone of our economy. They spend a lot of money and create million of jobs when they do. Where do you think the investment capital for building the new Shopping Mall in a town comes from? If you guess a government stimulus loan your wrong, but you do qualify for a job as Tsar in Obama’s cabinet. It comes from the wealthy amongst us! And when the government starts penalizing them for doing what wealthy people do they stop doing it. And that is where we are today.

Let us give up one wealthy person to drive this point home in order to perhaps save the rest. Sort of like the penguins on an iceberg. They all crowd close to the edge till one of them is pushed in. If he is eaten by a leopard seal they wait a while longer. If he survives they all assume it is safe and dive in.

So let us elect YOU as the sacrificial wealthy person to single out. Hey if you’re not wealthy at least you get to play the part for the next few minutes. So your this mean, selfish, greedy wealthy rich guy or gal Obama’s been talking about. You have yours and you’re not going to share it with anyone else. In fact you’re going to use your money to create even more money! Your greed knows no bounds. So you invest your money in the construction of a new shopping center. Your money is used to buy the material and pay all the construction workers doing all the work. You make fifteen percent return on your money in one year. You’re now even wealthier! But to your dismay you realize too late that you also created jobs for hundreds of workers and benefited all the companies and their employees who supplied all the material! Why when you add it all up all the workers and other companies benefited much more than you did! They even invite you to the grand opening and thank-you for making it all possible! This sends you into an uncontrollable rage! Never again will you allow yourself to be used and taken advantage of in this manner.

So you sit on top of the safe holding all your profits from the shopping mall and scheme on what to do with it all so as not to create jobs or wealth for anyone else. Then it hits you like a Rolls Royce. You can stick it in an account at the bank! So you drag your sack of cash to the bank and deposit it. Now you can relax. No one else can touch your money. You can sit back and think about how miserable all those poor people are while you have yours! But one month later your reading the financials in the paper and you note that your bank has just provided the working capital for the construction of a plastic injection mode plant that will create 300 new jobs and annual tax revenue for the city of 3.5 million annually! You drop you bagel onto the floor. That is your money the bank is loaning out! The bank is profiting off your deposits! And your money is being used to create jobs for employees and tax revenue for the city! There should be a law against this! (Please don’t mention this to the current occupant in the White House)

You drive down to the bank and pull all your money out that very day. How dare they use your money to the benefit of others. What is greedy rich guy to do? You’re hyperventilating. Your heart is racing looking for a solution to the problem. And you suddenly realize that there is nothing you can do with your mega bucks that will not benefit others other than digging a hole in the back yard and burying it or burning it in a fire.

That is when there is a knock at your door. You fired the butler last week so you would not have to pay him so you open the door yourself with a racing heart. There stands a young lady that is very well dressed with a briefcase in her hand. She present her identification as an field agent of the Internal Revenue Service. Seems that you made a lot of profit off the shopping mall and interest on the account at the bank. And since the Bush Tax Cuts were allowed to expire you owe even more. Then there are penalties due to you not paying your taxes on time. She helps you count out the taxes and penalties you owe from your stack of cash and hands you a receipt. You now have less money than when you stated.

But at least the money you paid to the IRS will not create jobs!

So let’s give our wealthy a break. We need them now more than ever. We should all be aspiring to become a wealthy person. To use our wealth to become even wealthier but in the process helping others. This is what President Reagan had as a vision when he put forth Trickle Down Economics. And he knew that it does work and will forever work as long as government allows it to. And I believe this is the very reason President Reagan fought so hard against big government that’s only solution to any issue is to increase spending and the taxation to pay for it.

So let us stop tar and feathering our wealthy. There are so many politicians that are so much more deserving of it.

John S Hutchinson



Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Hutchinson. When we destroy the wealthy, we destroy investors, jobs, innovation.

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