30 Days to Election: Video Countdown

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Unfortunately, our country has lost much of the common sense upon which it was created. An elite crowd in Washington and state capitals across the country has soothingly reassured us to suspend our own judgment while they take care of us. Well, now that they have run up a federal debt of $121,000 for every taxpaying citizen of the United States (not to mention the state and local debts), the people are rightly becoming alarmed at all the nonsensical things going on in our government buildings.

Our government needs a strong dose of common sense. We need common, everyday Americans that know how to run a business, balance a checkbook and prepare for life's inevitable ups and downs. Not a bunch of Harvard-educated, silverspoon-fed elitists who think they can make our life decisions better than we can ourselves.

You have your chance in exactly a month's time to teach those spendthrifts that they worked for you and it's time they get their own pink slip. Take time today to make sure you are registered to vote and make sure your family and friends are as well. Bring common sense back to America.


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