10/2 Rally Garbage vs. 8/28 Restoring Honor

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This should be no surprise to anyone. The "sparse number" (AP's words) of communists and liberals that attended the "One Nation" (ie. We can bus people to D.C. too!) Rally yesterday are used to making messes and waiting for other people to clean up after them.

Taxpayer money used to bring thousands of astroturf union protesters (possibly being paid to come by taxpayer money) to the Lincoln Memorial (with a reservation fee certainly paid for by taxpayer money) to protest the rally held there a month ago (that promoted constitutional and moral values), and make thousands of liberals and socialists (and the liberal media) feel like they are included too, and then taxpayer money used to clean up the messes they made. Can anyone think of a more successful liberal/socialist activity?

More images here.

Here's a video of the WWII memorial trashed by 10/2 trash and astroturf signs.

Compare to the national mall after Glenn Beck's 8.28 Restoring Honor Rally.

Compare Garbage After Tea Party Vs. Obama Inauguration

600,000 Attend Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial


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