Never Forget 9/11/01

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember when when we thought national security was overrated? When we thought there were no evil people, just people who had different viewpoints than us? When we thought that if we just reached out to the world, they would return the hand in fellowship?

Our nation matured a bit on September 11th, 2001. We learned that there are evil people in this world, and if our federal government has any responsibility to its citizens, it is to protect them from anyone who want to harm them. We must never forget the hard lesson of 9/11.

Everyone has their 9/11 story. Here is a much more personal video self-shot by a family living near ground zero at the time of the attack.

Now who's ready to build a mosque?

But seriously, ground zero is holy ground now. Americans come there from everywhere to pay their respects to the dead, and to contemplate and pray. Do you think they would allow us to build a christian church in Mecca? Would it be okay to put a German museum next to Holocaust museum in Washington DC?

Are we just as naive and weak as we were before 9/11/01?


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