Are Democrats Intentionally Collapsing Our Economy?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Admit it, you have pondered this crazy question.

Our medicare and medicaid program are already $720 billion dollars in debt, so they pass laws to try to increase the program to include most Americans. Our Social Security program is $650 billion dollars in debt and headed for catastrophe when the influx of baby-boomers start pulling out their benefits, and our government does nothing for this ticking time bomb. Instead, they give $365 billion to banks under TARP and the stimulus bill is expected to cost us $3.27 trillion to pay back. We complain about leaving this legacy of massive debt for our children to pay off, but deep down we doubt even that would work.

Why does it appear that our government is intentionally trying to bankrupt our nation?

Consider the famous promise that President Obama gave his supporters before winning the election: "We are 5 days from fundamentally transforming the United State of America." What do you think he meant by that?

Get ready to dive down the rabbit hole and see why what seems like crazy is happening right before our eyes.


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