Judge Walker Infringes State Law As He Denies Right To Appeal Prop 8 Decision

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update: A commenter gives supposedly the e-mail address for Judge Walker: VRWpo@cand.uscourts.gov

AP reported that gay Judge Vaughn Walker gave Proposition 8 proponents until Wednesday to file an appeal. AP lamented that Walker won't force open gay marriages until then. But AP covers up the true story- Walker is denying Prop 8 proponents their right to appeal the ridiculous decision that overturns the voter-approved state constitution. A few days is obviously not enough time.

AP quotes gay marriage proponents who "just want equal rights" and doesn't interview any opponents. Naturally.

State law gives the proposition's proponents authority to defend the proposition in court, in case government officials refuse to do their job. Which is exactly what happened- Attorney General Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenaeggro refused to do what they swore an oath to do (and they should both be jailed.) Why did the Gay Tyrant judge allow Prop 8 proponents to defend it in court if they aren't allowed to appeal it?

Walker argues in his opinion that there is no warranting an appeal because the defendants haven't shown any injury possible by the implementation of gay marriage. That is the reason he gives for denying them their constitutional right to appeal the Gay Tyrant's decision.

Not only are votes now irrelevant, we aren't allowed to appeal court decisions!

This isn't the first time Judge Walker infringed laws in this case. The Gay Tyrant tried to release the list of everyone who donated to the private organization which tried to protect marriage in all this. An appalling infringement of state and federal constitution, which the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes to censure his totalitarian actions.


By bending the rules to pass down a ruling that fits his obvious bias, Judge Walker has done much more harm to the same-sex marriage fight than good. He has just tied the whole affair into the government overstepping its power to tyrannically rule over the people. He has upset libertarians who normally would sympathize with gay rights, but who do not like politicians and judges bullying the people and negating their democratic rights. Thanks Judge Walker, you are turning the waking giant's head your way, and aligning yourself with Arizona's immigration issue, the health care bill, and everything else that is stirring up the people. Do you really think you can change people's minds by taking away their democratic rights? Or do you think you can force them to change their moral views?

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