Compare Garbage After Glenn Beck Rally Vs. Obama Inauguration

Sunday, August 29, 2010

About as dirty as the last Tea Party:

Garbage left from Obama inauguration:

h/t gateway pundit


Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks for this. they say a pic is worth a thousand words. so does video make it worth a million? well maybe half a million reasons :).

PS--here's a take on an old saying, with a new twist...if a pebble falls in a pond and no one hears it or sees it, did it really happen? of course, but while you cant convince someone of it b/c they didnt SEE or FEEL or HEAR it...what they DO see is the ripple effect afterwards. Here is our challenge--will the "pebble" (more like a boulder) of this rally, dropped in the "pond", have an effect in America, and hence, the world? Its really up to us, EACH of us, to be the pebble in our own home, neighborhood, workplace, church, city, state, and country! The ripple effect of this event, if we do our part, will be felt by all long after this, starting within our own hearts, and progressively (heheh) spreading outward!

Bob Uda said...

The contrast between conservatives (neat and clean) and liberals (sloppy and dirty) is a real eye-opener. The two videos say it all.

Anonymous said...

The wind is blowing very hard at the Obama rally so perhaps that is an unfair comparison. With a strong wind like that, trash cans have toppled. I went to an NRA rally many years ago with strong wind like that in October and trash was blowing everywhere but I sensed the NRA were not the cause.

Orlin said...

The post Barackapolic event was obviously sabotaged by Palin Supports: probably hate speech pamphlets discarded by loyal supporters.

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