Atlas Shrugged Movie Set to Release 2011

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The virtual bible of independents, libertarians and many Tea Party conservatives is set to be released as a movie in the next year. Ayn (rhymes with "sign") Rand's modern epic novel of how one man stopped the engine of the world has inspired millions of readers since it was first published in 1957, a manifesto against controlling governments and institutions of all kinds: communist, euro-socialist, fascist, religious and yes, even American bureaucratic. To any organization that feels they have the right to confiscate your wealth and work without your approval, millions of people join in with the fictional hero John Galt in saying, "Get the hell out of my way!"

Will the movie live up to the power and legacy of the original book? Probably not. Rand fans are not hopeful upon seeing that the producers passed up a list of interested celebrities including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for a cast of B-list TV actors. The set budget of $5 million is further thought to dampen its chances of replicating the richness of Ayn's work. Indeed, a "behind the scenes" video on youtube features directors and actors defensively posturing the movie as something fans may not like due to their unrealistic expectations.

I would encourage those wishing to get a sneak peak at the world of Atlas Shrugged to go for it before a mediocre movie dims their enthusiasm. If you're not ready to read the 1200 page book, here is a (very superficial) summary that will catch you up on the plot. Go ahead and read the chapter summaries there or on Free Cliff Notes to learn more.


Brian O'Toole said...

Thank you for your piece on our upcoming film ATLAS SHRUGGED - PART ONE. I hope you and your readers will visit our official Facebook page so you will see that we are truly an independent production outside of the studio system. Although five million dollars may seem like a low budget, I assure you that every dime was put up on the screen and not put in the pockets of the "above-the-line" people. The ATLAS SHRUGGED fan page can be found at: Please come support this independent film!


Brian O'Toole
The Strike Productions

I'm more worried about the quality of the acting and script, but we'll indeed see. You timed the perfect moment for this movie, and with what I just learned last night, you will be getting a tremendous, free (though no intended for you) publicity campaign from'll see...The movie ought to do very well.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Atlas Shrugged fan, and I actually like the fact that the producers decided to pass on the "big names" of Hollywood when casting this film. Unknowns will be much more believable as the main characters.

I really hope that the film does well enough to justify producing parts II and III.

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