Democrats Push 9/11 Victory Mosque, Greek Church Blocked

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nancy Pelosi called for an investigation of anyone who disagrees with the building of a victory mosque near the World Trade Center site in New York City. Obama likewise fiercly supports the Islamic Center. So does mayor Bloomberg, he has been pushing this project through as quickly as possible.

The U.N. funded mosque will replace a historic building which the city illegally refuses to protect.

Not only that, the city refuses to allow the reconstruction of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Unlike the mosque, this Christian church previously stood there and was destroyed by the Muslim attack on America. Yet the Port Authority has blocked its reconstruction for 8 years.

Now I don't actually think we should block the construction of any Muslim mosque. It's their constitutional right. Callous and offensive, yes, but it doesn't infringe any zoning restrictions.

But the media is not reporting the illegal activity swirling around this mosque construction. The city is railroading this through and circumventing the normal construction checks. They refuse to protect the historic landmark already there, which it is their job to do. They refuse to let a Christian church be rebuilt, which proves that this is all about making 9/11 a victory site for radical Muslims.


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