600,000 Attend Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Despite predictable bias from the media painting the gathering as insignificant and racist, Glenn Beck's rally on the importance of American heroes drew approximately 600,000 spectators, in addition to the millions more watching it live on CSPAN, Facebook and other sites.

Watch the entire speech here.

Speaking, along with Sarah Palin, Dr. Alveda King (the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr) and others, Glenn Beck spoke of our nation's need to return to integrity, truth and honor, some of the principles upon which our nation was founded. He honored the sacrifices of the armed forces and raised more than $5-million dollars for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

In related news, race identity-politics activist Al Sharpton held a small counter-rally saying Beck's rally went against Martin Luther King's Dream (which speech was held at the same location as Beck's rally exactly 47 years ago) and leading about 2,000 people in a 3 mile march. The 600,000 Americans at Beck's rally (of all races, creeds and political affiliations, and including the late Rev. King's own niece) strongly disagreed.


Anonymous said...

I was at the rally - it was amazing. I also listened to Martin Luther King Jr's speech (recording) before I went. And I'm convinced Glenn Beck has a firmer grasp on the essence of King's "Dream" speech than Sharpton by a long shot. King didn't want government hand-outs, he wanted equal treatment under the law and the right to pursue his happiness the same as everyone else. His dream was about erasing color lines not amplifying them. The mainstream media is right that there weren't many non-whites at the rally, not because for some reason they were excluded but because the values expressed at the "Restoring Honor" event did not appeal to their own. But there were some, and they were accepted without question. I hope the country can find a way to embrace the truth that the best values and virtues of humanity come from God, and society will be at its happiest and most prosperous when it honors Him.

ceylon moony said...

king campaigned for a guranateed income for all americans, an economic bill of rights, and a cost of living allowance for those who could not work. glenn back is at 180 degrees from king in every significant way, but i will keep this very brief.

here is what dr. king's swansong and biggest campaign, in a nutshell:
"King told his aids that the SCLC would have to raise nonviolence to a new level to pressure Congress into passing an Economic Bill of Rights for the nation’s poor."
"Under the "economic bill of rights," the Poor People's Campaign asked for the federal government to prioritize helping the poor with a $30 billion anti-poverty package that included a commitment to full employment, a guaranteed annual income measure and more low-income housing."

desegregation was the warm-up to a capaign against economic and social inequality.

i got these from wikipedia, but i've read everything kind said and wrote; these qutations accurately characterise the work.

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