What has Jerry Brown done to you?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What has Jerry Brown done? Well, as governor of California he called for billions in new taxes. As mayor, he successfully pushed for taxes on everything from parking to burglar alarms. What with all the taxes that Jerry Brown has raised over his lifetime of holding elected office, it would stand to reason that he would know a little bit about how to spend the money. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely accurate. He knows a lot about how to spend it. A little too much.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a law written just for you so you could keep secrets? Well, Jerry Brown’s got just such a law, and so he’s not telling you what he was up to while he was the governor the last time. Not until 2038. That’s what Jerry Brown has done to you.

Jerry Brown has invoked the “Jerry Brown Law” to block release of his documents!

Brown has decided that you do not have the right or ability to access and read the documents related to his two terms as governor. Because of a change made for him in California law, almost all of Brown’s records were concealed from public view for 50 years – until 2038! – unless he decides it’s okay for you to look at them. Considering that documents from the President of the United States are concealed for only 12 years – and in some cases only 5 – Brown’s unwillingness to release these papers seem a little odd.

Jerry Brown: Ultimate Insider from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Sign the petition asking Jerry Brown to release his records so we can see what all he has done to the people of California.

[Source: WhatsBrownDone.com]


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