Al Qaeda Threats Now Delivered by Former American Jew

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thanks to our apologizing president the threat of Islamo-terrorism on American soil is greater than ever. And now we don't just have crazy cave dwellers threatening us . . . but American-born self-haters. We need to vote statesmen into office who understand the threat of terrorism and will take necessary action to keep us safe.

Just a few years ago---any communication to the u-s from al queda involved a grainy video of osama bin laden, shot outside of a cave somewhere in the pakistan or afghanistan hills---the lanky terrorists leader would spout his venom against the u-s in arabic, a rifle at his side. Arab interpreters would deliver the non specific message, u-s anti terrorist forces would raise the national terror alert, but nothing ever seemed to happen.

Now things have changed. Bin laden hasn’t been heard from in a while. Reports say he may be ill or he may be dead. But in the past year or two al queda’s m-o has changed. Now, instead of saudi rebels like bin laden, the mouth piece of al queda is an american born jihadist named adam ghadan…who…with the exception of the fl0wing white robe and turban looks and sounds like a typical american college student…but in his latest rant….the new al queda mouth piece speaks in specifics…mocking barack obama as a weak leader….and noting how recent election victories by republicans have eroded his power….and he warns that more attacks from the muslim dark side will be coming…unless the u-s ends it’s military operations in muslim lands….code words for afghanistan and iraq….

Gahdan…was born jewish….he played little league in southern california…was home schooled---but somewhere…down the line he became first a muslim and then a radical muslim….home grown terrorism is a big concern…besides ghadahn who fled to the middle east 6 years ago….there is a growing roster of terrorists who were either born here or assimilated here…like nidal hissan…the american born doctor who allegedly shot up fort hood, killing 13 people….and faisal shah zad the hate filled would be bomber who admits to trying to blow up an s-u-v in times square….other plots to spew terror in ny and dallas where broken up before the bloody missions could be carried out.

Lucky for ny shah zad wasn’t much of a craftsman when it came to bomb making….but there may be more skilled operatives out there….whats really scary about shazad is the fact that he managed to attend a pakistani training camp….and brought large amounts of cash into the u-s without raising as much as an eyebrow among u-s anti terrorism authorities….in court yesterday----faisal shahzad gleefully admitted his guilt and seemed undaunted by the possibility of spending the rest of his life in federal prison….guys with a mindset like that will be hard to stop….and there may be more than a few of them out there….

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