Hypocrisy: Prop-8 Opponents Refuse To Hand Over Internal Communications

Monday, May 10, 2010

The radical federal Judge Vaughan Walker is hearing closing arguments for the effort to over-turn voter approved Proposition 8, an effort for which he clearly supports. Gay groups refused to turn over documents on internal communications to the court. Why? What do they have to hide?

The Mormon church has received the full blunt of the gay wrath, with death threats very recently made by the San Francisco Chronicle.

As you may recall, the church immediately responded to requests from the co-counsel in the California federal case, San Francisco's tax-paid City Attorney. They sent over 1,500 copies of internal communications on the case. The co-counsel now refuses to do this themselves. Perhaps they need more time shredding their files.

The files obtained by the city of San Francisco were promptly used against the church in the bigotted propaganda film 8: The Mormon Proposition. Classy.


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