National Art Education Association Holds Forum Promoting Obama's Socialism

Sunday, April 18, 2010

You remember that leaked audio that proved the Obama Administration pushed socialism into the National Endowment for the Arts? Well, here's the federal tax payer results:

Art Education and Social Justice: 2010 NAEA National Convention

The forum instructs public school teachers to promote the communist theory of social justice by treating "education as a political act... models of resistance- teaching as a form of activism." Teachers will raise such questions as childrens' sexuality, social class, race, American democracy, traditional means of knowledge production (whatever that could mean), difference as being divisive, dominance, and ignorance of our collective history and struggles. They will teach children to embrace equality, collective responsiblity, class, sexuality, difference, more possiblities, democracy, activism, and cultural relevance.

The promotional handout says they are doing this for President Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayer, as they "reflect our ever shifting demographic. Our nation is truly questioning itself in order to discover and redefine who we are as a nation, what we believe in, and what needs to change.

This forum promoting socialism as the result of a White House briefing on May 12, 2009, according to the handout, "that was attended by variuos representatives of the current administration and more than 60 artists and creative organizers. All gathered were there to not only pledge their support for the arts and community organizing but also to begin a real dialogue on the issues of social justice and our nation's economic and emotional recovery. Joseph Reinstein, Deputy Social Secretary said, "The administration believes the arts play a critical role beyond art education in saying what a democracy is."

... Maxine Greene writes, "The arts will help disrupt the walls that obscue spheres of freedom."

This same Maxine Greene promotes "'socialist teachers in the creation of a working class consciousness' their hopes for "revolutionary educators being inthe forefront of a movement to create a unified class consciousness.'" more

The handout also quotes socialist Paulo Freire, who was a member of Brazil's communist Workers' Party and pretended to be anti-Communist to get funding for his radical programs:

"Education is always political. The teacher has to ask, what kinds of politics am I doing in the classroom. That is, in whose favor am I being a teacher." Either you are with us, or with them.

This forum will change the very foundation of public education:

NAEF funding supports a wide variety of professional activities, including promotion of art education as an integral part of the curriculum; establishment and/or improvement of art instruction in public and private K-16 schools; promotion of the teaching of art through activities related to the instructional process, curriculum, student learning, student assessment, classroom behavior, management, or discipline; purchase of art equipment and/or instructional resources; and research in art education. Additionally, the NAEF provides professional development scholarships.

Previews for some of the presentations at the forum show that they plan to build a rigid structure for propaganda, infiltrating the community, and indoctrinating the children. One session for developing "community advocacy groups" asks what will be the groups' recruitment methods, agenda, and mission.

A presention by Linda Scott explores the changing role of social media, from facebook and blogs to video and cell phones in our consumer society. These new methods of "listening, learning, and charing" will help "build your community", "attract new members", "improve your reputation", and "build member loyalty." She urges attendess to use tool likes twitter and facebook for "legislation and lobbying", to "promote association messages and points of view" and to "monitor web-based mentions (potive and nagative) of topics of interest to the association".


Anonymous said...

So this is how Obama intended to heal the political rift in our "divided nation" and make us one: by indoctrinating our children to be radical liberal activists.

Some Messiah. I think he got it a little backwards. Obama wants "to turn the hearts of the children AGAINST the hearts of the fathers and the hearts of the fathers AGAINST the hearts of the children." Question: If Obama does exactly the opposite of what Christ would do, what does that make him?

TKZ said...

It's all so terribly wrong!

Great comment Anony!

"They will teach children to embrace equality, collective responsiblity, class, sexuality, difference, more possiblities, democracy, activism, and cultural relevance."

Wait, are you saying that this is a bad thing?
Would you instead want art teachers to promote the opposite? Would you rather teach kids to embrace inequality, selfishness, and class division? To promote close-minded views of sexuality, and to encourage conformity to not accept of be "different"? To encourage kids to think their isn't other possibilities, and to not question their environment? To teach kids to be docile, and not be active? To not embrace genuine democracy?

Sounds like an extreme fascist agenda to me. Now I get your true colors Dr. B.

Dr B said...

False dilema argument. Not teaching "equality" doesn't make a teacher a fascist. Rather, teaching that everyone is equal is the very definition of conformity.

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