This Means WAR! Health Care Reform "Intolerable Act"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leading conservatives are calling the Democrats' extremely unpopular, corrupt, unconstitutional passage of Government Health Care takeover "intolerable, " comparable to the Intolerable Acts of King George leading up to America's War for Independence. They vow to overthrow the tyranny enacted today so that real, responsible health care reform can begin.


Anonymous said...

America did not want this bill. This is not how America works, this is not democracy. Those who voted for this have spit on the constitution. The bill is an assault on our freedom. For one, there is no freedom in debt. Last night, they shackled our children, even generations not yet born, with debt that they will work their whole lives to pay down and they still won't be released from it. It truly is time for an ideological and legal war to stop this.

Anonymous said...

Apparently this article upset the delicate sensibilities of Personal Failure. Liberals don't know how to process hyperbole.

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