Ryan Sorba Condemns CPAC For Inviting Gay Group

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Civil right are grounded in natural rights, natural rights are grounded in human nature, human nature is a rational substance in relationships. The intelligable end of the reproductive act is reproduction."


Here is CNN's report on the 'gay marriage' controversy:

Widen the tent?


It was funny to watch CNN try to start a fight between NOM and the gay group and watch horrified as they walked up to each other, shook hands and shared pleasantries. I especially liked the quote from the NOM guy:

"Gays and Lesbians should have the right to live their lives how they like, but they should not have the right to redefine marriage for the rest of us."

Anonymous said...

That quote is straight off of the NOM website. Literally, it's listed verbatim as a talking point to be used when discussing the issue. They follow it up with advice never, ever to talk about what they're really after--banning same-sex marriage--because when that language is used, NOM's support drops 10% in polls. Well spun, NOM.

@Annon. That's pretty stupid. Of course NOM is for preventing the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex partners. I don't think anyone has any misunderstanding about that. No conspiracy there. Just a bunch of individuals and families that feel strongly that marriage should stay just as its been for the last several thousand years.

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