Missile Defense Agency's New Logo Taken From Obama's Logo

Monday, February 22, 2010

via hotairpundit:

The US Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency rolled out a new logo that looks suspiciously familiar. Remember that PJTV video about the brilliance of Obama's logo? The white sun rises in a blue sky as red and white fields sweep across. It's new, invigorating, and hopeful.

Add a touch of the ol' Islamic moon crecent and star and Obama's logo takes on a new meaning, one that speaks of military use and confrontation.


By the way, Fox News won't report this one. They got to be careful about criticizing anything Muslim, since the Saudi Prince owns much of Fox News...


TKZ said...

Creepy! It's got the stripes from Obama's logo bringing the star to the blue crescent. I have to almost wonder if this thing is made up. It seems to be far too blatant. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Anonymous said...

It's not the sun; that part looks just like their old one with a missile being destroyed in space. If it was meant to look like the Islamic crescent, they've intended that for many years, which is doubtful. The old one was also 'O' shaped, long before Obama.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the old one was also a circle, but it wasn't a crescent, and it was green, blue, black, red, white and yellow. It didn't look anything like a crescent or the Obama logo, and this one looks like a distinct combination of the 2. The argument that if it was intended it was in the works for a long time makes no sense when you actually examine the logos past and present. Washington Times article on this subject: http://www.washingtontimes.com/weblogs/watercooler/2010/feb/23/missile-defense-agency-logo-takes-cue-obama-campai/

Dr B said...

Fox News picked up on the story... oh well I was wrong

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