Berkeley Liberals Riot & Attack Police In Support Of Public Education

Friday, February 26, 2010

Update: raw video:

Not even joking...

The Daily Californian- "A crowd of more than 200 people swarmed the streets of Southside early Friday morning in a riot involving six law enforcement agencies, runaway dumpsters, flaming trash cans, shattered windows and violent clashes between rioters and police.

Marika Goodrich, 28, a UC Berkeley senior, was arrested at the intersection of Durant and Telegraph avenues and booked for assault on a police officer, inciting a riot and resisting arrest, according to Berkeley police Officer Andrew Frankel. Zachary Miller, 26, a UC Berkeley alumnus and an organizer for the "Rolling University," was also arrested at the intersection and was booked for inciting a riot, resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer...

What began as a dance party on Upper Sproul Plaza led to an occupation of Durant Hall at around 11:15 p.m. Thursday to raise support for the March 4 statewide protest in support of public education."

Will the media blame the tea party for this violence?

Missile Defense Agency's New Logo Taken From Obama's Logo

Monday, February 22, 2010

via hotairpundit:

The US Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency rolled out a new logo that looks suspiciously familiar. Remember that PJTV video about the brilliance of Obama's logo? The white sun rises in a blue sky as red and white fields sweep across. It's new, invigorating, and hopeful.

Add a touch of the ol' Islamic moon crecent and star and Obama's logo takes on a new meaning, one that speaks of military use and confrontation.


By the way, Fox News won't report this one. They got to be careful about criticizing anything Muslim, since the Saudi Prince owns much of Fox News...

Clinton, Carville Planning Tea Party Smear Campaign

Friday, February 19, 2010

From Tea Party Patriots:

Andrew Breitbart is reporting that former President Bill Clinton and James Carville are planning a counter offensive against the tea party movement. According to, their plans are to identify 7- 8 national figures active in the tea party movement and engage in a smear campaign against them.

Clearly, the liberals, and especially Bill Clinton, still do not yet understand the tea party movement, which began 1 year ago this week with the Porkulus Protest in Seattle and Rick Santelli's rant in Chicago. The tea party movement has tens of thousands of leaders across this great land, not just 7 or 8. There are patriots shining the light of fiscal responsibility, free markets and constitutionally limited government from shore to shore.

Our leaders are tea party organizers, patriots that make phone calls and send emails to their elected officials, bloggers, and activists that take time out of their lives to attend tea parties, the list goes on and on. We are the sleeping majority that has awakened.

The tea party movement is like a starfish with many legs. You cut one of us off, and another will grow to take their place.

We patriots know that we are fighting for the principles that our freedom loving nation was founded on. We are just ordinary people reclaiming America's founding principles. We are a diverse group that comes from every walk of life and ethnic background. We all have one thing in common and that is we love freedom - economic freedom and freedom from big government and massive government deficits.

We have decided to go on the offensive and make it easy for former President Clinton and James Carville to identify tea party leaders. We have created a web site for you to upload videos to. We hope to collect videos from thousands of patriots telling former President Clinton and James Carville that they are tea party leaders. Film the videos at home, soccer fields, grocery stores and other locations that are indicative of the diversity of the tea party movement. There is strength in numbers.

Record your video saying only "I am the tea party leader". Please do not make any statement other than the one listed or it will not be posted. Upload your video to the web site below. Visit the web site to view videos of other patriots and to find out more information.

I Am The Tea Party Leader

Ryan Sorba Condemns CPAC For Inviting Gay Group

"Civil right are grounded in natural rights, natural rights are grounded in human nature, human nature is a rational substance in relationships. The intelligable end of the reproductive act is reproduction."

Here is CNN's report on the 'gay marriage' controversy:

Widen the tent?

"Mount Vernon Statement" Signed by Tea Party Organizers, Conservative Leadership

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More than 80 key conservative grassroots organizers and conservative politicians met today at Mount Vernon, Virginia, the historical home of George Washington, to sign a conservative manifesto in opposition to the current policies of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi administrations in Washington DC.

“With this statement, and its many signatories, a new day dawns for the conservative movement,” said Edwin Feulner, Jr., president of the Heritage Foundation, and one of the drafters of the statement. “It reasserts conservative principles, values and beliefs that are embraced by more people in this country than those of any political ideology. Fifty years ago, the federal government threatened to grow exponentially. Visionaries then gathered in Sharon, Connecticut, to articulate essential principles of American governance. Today, that threat is even greater, and so we must articulate anew the nature of Constitutional Conservatism in the 21st Century.”

To view/sign the historic statement, visit

"No Third Party" Says Tea Party Patriots

There is much talk of the formation of a third political party based on the tea party movement.

Tea Party Patriots is issuing this statement in order to make it clear that we are not associated with any attempts to form a third party. Additionally, we believe that such efforts are unproductive and unwise at this time. The history of third party movements in this country is one of division and defeat. We believe that it is instead time for all Americans to rise up and demand appropriate reform within their own parties. The mechanisms exist for citizens to participate in their parties, and to drive their parties in the right direction.

The Tea Party Patriots encourage all citizens to get involved in the party process, and to reshape their parties into something in which they may once again believe. This country does not belong to any one party, nor does it belong to the career politicians. This country belongs to the citizens. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "We have given you a republic madam, if you can keep it." The founders knew that it would be our sacred obligation as citizens to get involved, and to work hard to hold on to this great nation. We have much work to do, and future generations will look back in judgment. We hope you will join us in preserving the republic.

--Tea Party Patriots

Abortion and Black Genocide

Monday, February 8, 2010

UPDATE: This billboard is popping up around Atlanta labeling Black children as an "endangered species."

[Fox News]

Great interview by the founder of website, Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress Jr:

Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad - Not so Controversial

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Liberal media pundits and feminists have been frothing mad that CBS has refused to cancel a Superbowl ad featuring Tim Tebow's mother talking about how she almost aborted him. They all must feel pretty stupid now that the ad has aired and the 30 second commercial didn't even mention abortion or pro-life. See one of the ads here for yourself:

Watch the rest of the story at

Obama Voters: The Fruits Of Ignorance

After watching Obama's DNC speech about his accomplishments in office, I was wondering how anyone could actually believe that Obama has accomplished anything good. He has destroyed the economy, weakened the nation in the eyes of the world, and emboldened a corrupt government.

I was particularly struck by Obama's claim that he punished gouging credit companies so that Americans can more easily get cars and homes. He hates personal responsibility! He feeds our ignorant belief that everyone is entitled to these wealthy possessions even if we can't afford them.

All we need to do is hand him our liberty... but we still won't get them.

Then I remembered this investigation by Howard Stern that proved voters didn't even know at all Obama's policies or the people who run with him. They voted for him because he promised money and was black.

We are paying for our ignorance as a country. When will we learn?

Tea Party Unites Conservatives, Libertarians and Moderates

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I thought that this article over at American Thinker explains the destiny of the Tea Party movement very well.

"Populist Constitutionalism" - that's what the Tea Party is all about. Love and respect for the Constitution is driving the movement. Sharing the document, and then discussing the meaning, purpose, and the ideas of the Constitution, that is the process that is taking place as a result of this love and respect.

This discussion is what America needs right now. The Constitution (and a real federal government) is the set of principles that can unite all Americans (with the possible exception of the most radical of those on the left who want to see some kind of socialist central state.)

Social conservatives, fiscal conservatives (that might be liberal on some social issues), libertarians, and moderates can agree to disagree about issues like abortion, legalized drugs, gay marriage, etc. The Constitution teaches all of them that the resolution to these problems should be conducted on the state or community level, as opposed to the national, level.

These divergent groups agree that the federal government has, over the last several decades, stepped further and further outside of the bounds of the Constitution. Issues, including health care, cap and trade, and excessive regulation of businesses are outside of the specific powers granted to the federal government. More and more Americans are aware of this fact. And more and more Americans are sharing the promises and the premises of the Constitution with their friends and neighbors through Tea Parties being held across America. This is what I mean when I say that the Tea Party is "populist constitutionalism."

The Tea Party movement is not a one-issue (one-hit) wonder -- like prohibition. Nor is it a bunch of political zombies mesmerized by some charismatic leader like an Edwards, a Wallace, or a Perot.

The Tea Party does not need a charismatic leader. It is, essentially, an ongoing educational process -- that will be heard (one way or another) by tone deaf and constitutionally ignorant politicians. The Tea Party teaches a multitude of Americans what they are no longer (or "rarely," I suppose I should write) taught in our public schools and universities: America was, from the beginning, intended to be a grand experiment in freedom and local and state control.

Take Nevada and Utah as instances. The states border each other. Yet one state endorses legalized gambling, prostitution, and easy access to liquor. Right next door, teetotaling Utah frowns on all of these "immoral" practices.

That's the way the Founding Fathers wanted America to be. They knew that different people had different needs and values. They realized that they should be free to express those values legislatively on the state and community levels. If an American finds Nevada's laws too promiscuous (or Utah's laws too restrictive), the citizen can either work to change the laws of the particular state ... or the citizen can move across state lines.

There are, and will continue to be, arguments and dissension within the Tea Party. (The media is already noting this and eating it up.) But Americans are famous for contention and debate. No populist movement (unless it is focused on a single issue like prohibition) will be in agreement on every issue. Disputation and disagreement in the Tea Party is a sign of health and enthusiasm -- not a portent of dissolution.
Populist constitutionalism is the surest and clearest path to saving our republic. [...]As far as the Constitution goes, you can never have enough copies ... and we should never stop learning as much as we can about the greatest political document ever written.

VIDEO: It's Too Late to Apologize

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What happens when MTV tries to do the Declaration of Independence?

Caveat: Cura Te Ipsum would like to clarify that this video was not actually made by anyone at MTV. Rather, it was made by Soomo Publishing.


Save the Constitution

Declaration of Liberty

In memory of our God, our Nation, our Religions, our Freedom, our Peace, our Families and our Fallen Dead;

WE THE PEOPLE declare that We will Never Yield to those who would place us in bondage. We will live for the Constitution and we will die for the Constitution, for we know that it was inspired of God for all of his Children.
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