Video: Glenn Beck's 'Revolutionary Holocaust'

Monday, January 25, 2010

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A MUST-SEE!!! This amazing documentary reveals the until-now-ignored connections between Nazi-ism and Communism, the brutal Ukrainian holocaust caused by Stalin, the real Che Guevara and the actions of Chairman Mao. This expose' will eradicate any sympathy or admiration you may have ever had for Communism/Socialism forever, and make you very differently about the next person you see sporting Che on their wall or clothing.


TKZ said...

Thanks for posting this!

Cura_te_ipsum said...

No, thank you! We took it from your blog :)

Tom, you didn't even watch the video, did you? What basis do you have for calling Glenn Back a nazi?

You have 24 hours to make a case before I delete your mindless, ad hominem attack, and your shameless link to your blog.

TKZ said...

Calling GB a thought Nazi is a baseless, senseless attack against someone who is fighting against the Liberal thought Nazis who are trying to hide the fact that they are borrowing all of their ideology from the very same Marxist doctrines that led to the Holocaust. You are attacking an anti-Nazi documentary, by the way, in case you didn't realize that. What side are you on?

Anonymous said...

Tom just wants to get people fired up and go to his blog. I'm sure he didn't watch the video based on his comment. Just a troll looking for engagement.

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