Obama: Unemployment is headed in the right direction

Friday, January 8, 2010

The right direction...

10% and climbing...

The liberal Associated Press pointed out unemployment is actually much higher because more people have stayed unemployed for a while and no longer count. Oh, but don't worry! Obama has more green jobs stimulus on the way!

The system worked.


At some point there are no more jobs left to lose. But of course it's working... to him. The more people Democrats can get on welfare and relying on unemployment checks, the more people will vote to keep those programs going, which would most likely mean votes to keep him in office because he advocates redistribution of wealth. If Dems can get more than 50% of the population to rely on the government (excuse me, I mean redistribution of wealth programs perpetrated by the government) for subsistence then they would theoretically be voted back into office continually until the system collapses underneath them.

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