NYT: Gays Will Bring Infidelity To Marriage

Friday, January 29, 2010

The liberal New York Times is excited about a new study from the liberal San Francisco State University that finds 50% of gay male couples have sexual relationships outside their union with approval of their partner.

NYT is excited that gays will "rewrite the traditional rules of matrimony," because polygamory "might point the way for the survival of the institution."

I would venture to guess that lesbian couples take fidelity much more seriously. However, I would also guess that maybe 1 in 1000 real married couples would find infidelity acceptable. Furthermore, most gay couples that actually stay together more than 5 years don't even want to ram gay marriage down anyone's throat!

So much for the argument "what about all the infidelity and divorce in traditional marriage!"


MissAnubis said...

Polygamory is disgusting and a mockery to "love". AIDS and other uncurables spread like wildfire, and the repugnant nature of those who are supporting this bed hopping, should find true love only to have the opposing party suggest polygamory. It would be heartbreaking! The thought of passing your spouse around isn't love, its apathy. What an endearing sentiment!

TKZ said...

Breaking down one rule undermines the principle and thus undermines all related rules.

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