McCain Family Appears In Anti-Marriage Ads

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cindy and Meghan McCain have been published in ads supporting the overthrow of California's democratically approved proposition 8. Not only is this an affront on traditional marriage, but on the very foundations of democracy and free speech.

John McCain, meanwhile, appeared on TV beside Scott Brown, parading like a conservative.

Update: The McCains' participation in these ads was an affront on free speech because the ad condemned condemned Prop 8 and its supporters as being filled with hate. Not, "we disagree with you, we think it should be this way," but "you all are hate-filled bigots who ought to keep your mouths shut." This is just another attempt by SSMers to smear their opponents into being shamed into silence and submission. Whether knowingly or not, the McCains allowed their images to be part of the same campaign that released Prop 8 supporters personal addresses and phone numbers, endangering their lives; attempted and succeeded in some cases to take away their livelihoods; publicly ridiculed supporters of traditional families in public schools, national television and movies, and in the halls of California's taxpayer-owned government facilities, telling kids that their parents are bigots and inciting them to rebel against them.

The SSM campaign has taken the stance that anyone who does not approve of same-sex marriages deserves the highest condemnation, hurt and endangerment that can be reasonably given. It is undemocratic to act that way. You may not agree with what your neighbor says, but you must not harm him/her because of your opposition to it. That is bullying and no one likes a bully. That is why SSM is miserably failing whenever it comes up to a popular vote (as laws are supposed to in democratic societies). It bothers me a lot to see McCain's daughter and Wife participating in such undemocratic bully tactics--attempting to get their way by shaming others into submission--but I know that such a tactic will always fail in America. The best thing traditional marriage supporters have going for them is that they are decent, respectable people that only want what is good for their and everyone else's children. We are not asking anyone to change their definition of anything, to give up anything, or to be who they are not. We only want marriage to remain what it is and always has been, rather than destroy one of the most important institutions on earth to please a few perverts and troubled individuals.
-who is john galt


PersonalFailure said...

I guess we're lucky to even have free speech after Loving.

cura_te_ipsum said...

i have to agree with personal failure. why is this an issue of free speech? if anything, it's a success for free speech because what these women could do or say wasn't limited by the family's moral or political belief. you especially should appreciate this after the articles you've written on rifqa bary.

I guess we're lucky to even have free speech after disagreeing with Hollywood, our state supreme court and legislature.

No one is taking away your free speech PF. Why do you want to take away mine?

TKZ said...

We're not "lucky" to have free speech. It's our responsibility to protect our natural right to it. Using hate and intimidation to promote N0H8 undermines their entire argument, and makes them look like fools.

Lynne said...

Perverts and troubled individuals??? Look in the mirror pal.


How am I perverted/troubled? Or was that just another mindless/empty insult?

Dr B said...

Prop-8 Opponents who the McCains promote are blacklisting people and ruining their lives just because they vote a certain way. That is an affront on the very foundations of democracy and free speech.

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