Massachusetts Miracle

Friday, January 15, 2010


In just 4 days the people of Massachusetts will be voting on the senate seat vacated when Ted Kennedy died. Against "conventional wisdom" for a state as liberal as Massachusetts, the Conservative candidate, Scott Brow, is neck-in-neck in the polls, with one latest poll even showing Brow leading by 4 points.

Massachusetts was the scene of many events during America's fight against England's tyranny, including the infamous "shot heard 'round the world" on April 19, 1775 that commenced the military conflict. If Conservatives manage to beat out the Democrats' hand-picked replacement for Kennedy, it will provide the one vote that will allow senate conservatives to stop the draconian Healthcare bill, Cap-in-Trade, future "porkulous" bills, talk radio censorship and most other Statist legislation Obama-Reid-Pelosi are concocting in their power-hungry minds. This one senate race could be "the shot heard 'round the world" that will commence the utter defeat of the liberal ideology that is currently threatening the future of our nation.

This is definitely possible! Massachusetts elected a conservative as Governor not too long ago, and polls are showing that more and more independents in that state are jumping ship because of Democrats' current "tax-and-spend-and-print-more-money" policies in Washington. If you live in Massachusetts, educate yourself on these candidates and do the right thing! If you know anyone registered in Massachusetts, talk to them and make sure they get out and vote! If you don't have any connections, then join me in praying that tyranny will be overthrown and freedom will again prevail.

God brought about a miracle in 1783 when 12 small, freedom-loving colonies beat the most powerful nation in the world and won their chance at freedom. God granted that miracle because Americans were good and were willing to fight and sacrifice for it. In each of those colonies, preachers taught the virtues of hard-work and freedom from the pulpit and common, everyday citizens got down on their knees to pray to God and then rose and worked to make it happen. That is the secret formula that has made America the greatest nation on earth today, and that is the formula that will save it from its current calamity.


Anonymous said...

Coakley called this a historic election and it will be. Not because she's a woman, but because a Republican hasn't held that seat in 48 years.

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