An Affront To Democracy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I keep my articles quick and clean. I assume that people like Personal Failure know a priori all the nuances involved. Let me clear up some confusion about my last post.

The benighted gay marriage groups that attack Proposition 8 are fascists. Radicals have vandalized Mormon church buildings. They have blacklisted people and made them lose their jobs and their house simply because they voted a certain way. This isn't some media gimmick or NYU mock trial case, this is friends and family of mine. I have seen it first hand and it ruins lives.

The gay marriage debate is one can of worms that we don't even need to get into yet. Let's just look at the blacklists, pro-gay marriage liberals are ruining lives of people who vote a certain way. And even though proposition 8 was voted in fair and square, and approved by the Supreme Court, even still the liberals are fighting it in the courts. It will get thrown out by a liberal judge. We all know this is inevitable. The democratic process is to use a majority vote, yet this has not once succeeded for the gay liberals. When California recognizes gay marriage, it will be because liberals successfully overthrew the voters and the state's Supreme Court.

This is clearly the intent of the McCain ad. We see McCain with tape over her mouth and the words "No H8". Their message to people who support traditional marriage is "you are hate-filled bigots who ought to keep your mouths shut."

Voter intimidation. Usurping democratically voted laws. This is fascism and an affront on free speech.

Liberals like Personal Failure are so compassionate about anti-American terrorists who blow up planes; they make sure they get civilian trials and warm snacks in bed during their detention inside American prisons. But God forbid someone tell a homosexual couple that the government won't call their civil union a marriage! Why, such bigots should be round up and shot!

These are the very groups that Republican John McCain's family is promoting. John McCain is the Jimmy Carter of the GOP. He is the epic fail. He lost spectacularly against a presidential candidate that should have had less of a chance than John Edwards.

Does that clear things up, PF? I know, my free speech is unpopular and clashes with everything our society says is right. That makes me kinda a rebel, doesn't it?


PersonalFailure said...

First of all, you clearly still have that free speech, don't you?

Secondly, I want to see proof of people losing their jobs and their homes. "I know people" is not proof. I vaguely remember hearing about a waiter/waitress at a bar popular among gay people who lost his/her job when it came out that s/he gave money to the Prop 8 campgain, and I don't really have a problem with that. After all, my bosses are all Jewish. If I gave money to antisemitic groups and my bosses found out about it, I guarantee you I would be fired. And that you wouldn't have a problem with that.

The point is, yes, you have a right to free speech. You do not have a right to be shielded from the consequences of said speech.

TKZ said...

Thanks for making a distinction between gay liberals and gays in general. My brother-in-law is gay, and both him and his partner are NOT proponents of gay marriage, and they both have expressed their outrage at the gay liberals that are making them look bad with their angry speech and attacks. They don't want to be "married" because they both respect that institution for what it has always been, and they both agree that the definition of marriage should not be changed just for them.

There are some conservatives who are bigots, but there are a lot of liberals who are bigots hiding behind their liberalism as if it can shield them from their own bigotry, without realizing that the roots of modern liberalism are rife with bigotry. Abortion was pushed by Margaret Sanger through the KKK as a way to kill blacks, and most of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are in black communities, even today. Eugenics and gas chambers were ideas of the American Progressives, not of Hitler. He just used their idea. The Democrat Party was against the abolition of slavery, and had KKK members in its ranks throughout the last century. They voted against civil rights in the 60's more than the Republicans voted against them, even though there were racists on both sides. It's all well documented history.
And yet we are led to believe that abortion is about rights and not about racism, that the Democrats love minorities when you can look at Detroit and see how their policies destroy black communities and families by rendering black fathers redundant through welfare programs. It's about the big picture. Liberalism is mean, even though we're supposed to think it's kind and charitable, but charity never killed anyone.

Cura_te_Ipsum said...


Google the following:

"yes on prop 8 vandalism"
"scott eckern loses job"
"mormon church vandalized yes on 8"
"death threats yes on 8"

Also, one of the biggest reasons why the current fight in CA court is not broadcasted is to protect the people testifying because there has been so much violence out here.

Google: "prop 8 trial not broadcasted safety"

If even liberal CA courts are recognizing the danger to prop 8 supporters, I would hope that you too would not be so willfully ignorant of this reality.

Ben said...

PF, "The point is, yes, you have a right to free speech. You do not have a right to be shielded from the consequences of said speech."

Replace the word speech with "democratic vote."

TKZ, thank you for recognizing that distinction. It is important to note that this trouble comes from a handful of radical gay liberals and a bus full of radical liberal politicians who love to exploit minorities.

TKZ said...

Exactly, Ben!! :o)

Chairm said...

I saw your blogpost and the first thing I thought was: what does that image mean?

What is the message? I had to laugh, because that image puts the S and M in SSM.

Then I put up my own blogpost at Opine to tweak the noses of SSMers.


Sometimes mocking this kind of stuff is the better message to take away. I mean, duct tape? Huh?


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