Obama Fails to Quell Iran Nuclear Threat

Monday, December 28, 2009

Brutal dictators around the world squealed with glee when America elected Obama as president. No more threats of military action for the human rights violations. No more Persian Gulf Wars. No more Gitmo. Instead, America's tune has changed to: "We're sorry for meddling in other people's business so long. Do as you like now."

Obama seems to have forgotten an important lesson from history. When a brutal regime arises (especially one that wants to take over that whole world), it must be crushed as early as possible. The Nazis in World War II are of course the obvious example of this lesson. The US, UK and other superpowers simply allowed Hitler to annex neighboring countries Austria and Czechoslovakia in a hope that he would be satisfied with them. Then Hitler just kept on moving: Over the rest of Europe. It would have been much simpler (requiring much less money and lives) to have stood firm and opposed Germany's threat from the start, but weak leaders like Neville Chamberlain instead wanted to appease Hitler.

The threat from Iran is as dangerous as Nazi Germany ever was. It just so happens that the Iranian regime in power also believes that their race/ideology should subdue and rule all nations and that all Jews should be annihilated. They have also made a strategic military alliance with a democracy-hating nation across the world (namely, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela). They have already begun military expansionist activities by invading and seizing an oilfield in Iraq, taking three Americans hostage, and arming confederate terrorist organizations around Israel with missiles and weapons. Our intelligence tells us that Iran will soon have nuclear warheads to place on the missiles they already have that can reach all the way to parts of Europe.

So what has America done in response? We have firmly asked Iran to stop and threatened sanctions. In response, they have literally said that they don't care what we think and accelerated their war preparations.

If all of this isn't enough, it appears that the majority of the people in Iran don't even support this regime and their dreams of conquest. Ever since the government obviously rigged the election in June, millions of Iranians have taken to the street and been beaten, tortured and killed in protest of their Islamo-fascist government.

As the most powerful nation in the world, it has been our responsibility to protect the people of the world from severely oppressive governments whenever we can. If we don't save lovers of democracy in Iran, and Jews and Christians in Israel from being executed by Iran, who will? And once they've taken over Iran, what's to stop them from continuing on, creating alliances with, say, Russia or China, and starting WWIII?

How Will Obama Deal with the Threat of Iran? (Fox News)


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