Journalism Students Heckle Sheriff For Arresting Illegal Aliens

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Students from Arizona State University's journalism school showed up to a meeting between journalists and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, where they heckled him and prevented him from speaking in his defense.

Arpaio's crime that led to his denial of first ammendment rights? Arresting illegal immigrants when they break the law.

This is the future of journalism!!


PersonalFailure said...

Arpaio is a bigoted scumbag under investigation for civil rights abuses, who acknowledges that he has spent resources tracking down undocumented workers instead of violent white criminals.

Also, the First Amendment gives you the right to speak, it doesn't require anyone to listen.

Anonymous said...

He's just trying to do his job. The illegals are the reason that California is in so much financial trouble. He's helping his own state to not be the next California while left wing fools take us to financial hell in the name of human rights. Fools. I'm not racist either. Laws are meant to be followed, and that's why they're called illegals. If they have the right to ___ (fill in the blank) then they can have it in their own countries.

Anonymous said...

It isn't smart to speak when you have nothing of worth to say, even if you have the right to make an embarrassing mess of yourself. One day these students will learn that, but probably not until they have to make some hard decisions in their own lives. Students by definition lack practical experience beyond classroom indoctrination. Judging him for doing his job is ridiculous, even if he is guilty of anything else he is accused of. On the count of guarding the border and enforcing the law, he is in the right, for no other reason than that it is the law, and his job is to enforce the law. Let him do his job or change the law.

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