Liberal Al Franken Shuts Up Obamcare Critics

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here's what happens when you elect communists:

Naturally the Associated Press was there to back up Franken, with reports of GOP delay tactics against "rapid progress."


Anonymous said...

Vendetta, Al? I guess that's what you get when you elect Stuart Smalley.

Fredd said...

These guys are showing their true colors, let 'em. With big liberal majorities in both houses, they just can't help themselves. The 2010 election is only about 10 months away.

And remember, Joe Lieberman is one of their own, essentially.

So true Fredd, and I find that so amazing. They treat a defector from their own party worse than their opposition, even though he's kinda still on their side. It's a warning- don't be a party traitor or you won't get fair treatment. And the "we were just trying to get things done fast, and that's why Joe couldn't have an extra minute" debunks itself when McCain is given 10 minutes each for a whole list of Senators.
The message is clear- don't stand for principles over party politics or you'll be an outcast.

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